Police and driving offences

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ConfusedJohn | 14:09 Thu 30th Nov 2006 | News
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There was a case in the papers recently where a police office sped through a camera site (triggering the camera). A motorist then saw him coming out of a Chinese take-away with a bag of food further down the road. This was taken to court where the police officer claimed to be on his way to an incident (although had not been ordered too) but changed his mind and collected his take-away instead. He was let off and not prosecuted for speeding.

Anyone else think this is blantant hypocrisy and he should have been sacked for abuse of his power?


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He should have received a speeding conviction - but I don't believe he should have been sacked: sacking and ruining somebody's career over something like this would have been way way OTT.
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But should police officers be beyond reproach? Imagine the same officer pulling you over for a perceived offence - I would have to question his judgement.

Also, let's not forget the officer had probably seen first hand the effects of speed in the form of accidents, hit and runs and the impact on the deceased families.

I agree maybe sacking would be OTT but he should no longer be driving a police vehicle.
There is a law for them and a law for us, it is just a waste of time reporting them.

The other day I was behind a police car going into town, and approaching some traffic lights at a major round-about. When we got to the lights they changed to red, would you believe it the police car just drove straight through, no flashing lights no siren.

If he had been behind me, do you think he would have let me get away with that? And if there had been an Amber Gambler at the other lights who smashed into the side of him, this motorist would have had the book thrown at him.

I completely agree that this is an unacceptable abuse of power, however, I do think that sacking the officer in question would be a little harsh. The suggestion that he should no longer be allowed to drive a police car is sensible and justified, but I think it would have more of an effect on him if they coupled it with a ban on his normal licence and the usual speeding fine and points tally that everyone else gets. This would let him and everyone else know that the law is equal for all.
Hmmm, i thikn your all being a little too harsh on the police. Maybe just get his 3 points for speeding , but not lose his job or his license. How do you know he wasnt rushing to the sushi bar to attend a crime and they gave him the food as a reward?
Police is god.

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Police and driving offences

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