Seb Coe's Comments on the Olympics

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rekstout | 10:26 Wed 28th May 2003 | News
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Was anyone else horrified by Seb Coe's comments yesterday dismissing the idea of the Olympics being about participation. He wants to ban countries from entering participants if the IOC doesnt feel the person is good enough, irrespective of whether that person is the best that country has to offer. In other words, he wantl; on the top X number of atheletes in each sport to compete

I understand the reasoning as the numer or participant s is swelling rapidly but his attitude to what the games stand for was - in my opinion - appalling

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Hes an idiot, look at some of the best moments in sport, when the underdog comes out on top, when the safe bet falls and leaves the field open to less accomplished. some people are losers because they of their desperation to be winners, Seb Coe is one of them.
Using this logic Korea should never have been allowed to compete in the world cup - and they made the semi-finals

Mr Coe should leave politics/opinion alone, and stick to what he's really good at. (errrr..........)
It's a bit ironic when you remember the occasion that he didn't make the qualifying time for the olympics but himself and his dad reckoned he should have been put on the team in spite of this. Each country should set their own qualifying standards. After all, apart from the odd exceptions they are not going to spend good money sending someone who is not resonably proficient at a particular event. He really is an annoying git.
I sat at the next table to Seb Coe in a London restaurant once - even without paying much attention to what he was saying you could tell he was so far up his own a/r/s/e he is in danger of disappearing - pink panther and the hoover style.....
agree he's a total idiot - witness his humiliation on Brasseye for proof. hilarious.
I think that it's the underdogs that make the Olympics special and memorable. Who do you remember more Eddie the Eagle and Eric the Eel or the people who won those same events?
we've got world championships etc which can be for the elite, the olympics is supposed to be something special, i'd like to add the jamaican bob sleigh team to the list of treasures we would have missed out on if coe's sort of elitism was enouraged
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Seb Coe's Comments on the Olympics

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