is this man really a 'lunatic' as we have been told. or...?

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maxximus | 22:44 Mon 21st Aug 2006 | News
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mahmoud ahmadinejad president of iran's full interview with mike wallace of c.b.s. nutes/main1879867.shtml clic on the left hand side under the 60 min. clock. also, le12984.htm a full translation of a letter to president bush, that bush has refused to answer. as one leader to another a common courtesy, you would think.


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I would like to give you my opinion,but unfortuately I would be labelled an anti semite such is the far reaching spin machine of the Zionists....
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In that letter to Bush he tells him like it is. They spin the news and make it very 'biased' as is often the case with media in US and its tendency for a strong pro-israeli sentiment.

But you can not change the contents of the letter no matter how much spin you want to put into it. It was a very clever move by Ahmadienejad and people can read the letter and judge for themselves.

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is this man really a 'lunatic' as we have been told. or...?

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