CSA Scrapped?

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Andy Boz | 17:13 Fri 28th Jul 2006 | News
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I heard a few days ago that the CSA would be scrapped, at great expense to me, the taxpayer. In order for parents to pay for their children they would have to agree on a weekly figure (which you may recall was why the CSA was formed, becaause people couldn't agree) and if parents missed payments, their passports would be removed.
So if you don't pay for little Jonny, you won't go to Ibiza next year on jollies.

That's how I interpreted the article on the radio.


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If A agrees to pay B �5.00 per week per child, a totally inadequate amount considering their income , who will say this is not enough , the person with care is unlikely to argue and the benefits agency have not been mentioned as taking any action. So the tax payer picks up the bill, no passport confiscation, no tagging as agreement in place.

Prior to CSA court orders were obtained why not return to this method and having trained benefit agency staff to chase up the absent parents.

A lot of the absent parents can't afford a passport let alone a holiday abroad, and as for tagging it doesn't work for prisoners !

A complete fudge and tax payers paying to bring up other peoples children and before anyone says these children are going to pay my pension, no I paid for my pension and I'll be long gone before todays babies pay any amount of contributions.
I heard they were bringing in a new more hard line agency which had the power to tag fathers who are apparently not working.
Go to the CSA website to read the full report, and find out how they are going to change things.

Absent fathers are gits. Fathers who are paying through the CSA are also paying for the fathers the 'organisation' can't find..or the ones mothers don't want found ;o)
I have separated from the mother of my 2 children and was told to pay 56.00 per week. i now live with another female who has 2 children and I now only have 2 pay 28.00 per week. but hang on I am now paying for 4 kids and we get naff all back. couldn't organise a booze up in a brewery. scrap it!!

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CSA Scrapped?

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