b.t.c. could this be the problem in the middle east?

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maxximus | 10:25 Fri 14th Jul 2006 | News
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grand opening 21 hrs ago phase 1 project middle east complete. an_Pipelinephase 2 this is the bit where israel comes in. =viewArticle&code=20060523&articleId=2508


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I think the Baku pipeline is more a symbolic gesture by the west to ensure that as many fuel supply options are open to it as possible.

It will only deliver 1% of oil needs, so it can hardly be considered a viable alternative to either Middle Eastern oil or Russian supplies in the long term.

Frankly, it seems a sensible measure by the west to keep such supply options open. It will also enable former Soviet republics like Azerbaijan and Georgia to increase their wealth and provide for their people.

I'm not quite sure what point you are trying to make, though. Please enlighten.
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it far from a symbolic gesture, however i have not had time to find some maps i need to explain better. but, baku-tbilisi-ceyhan and trans balkan pipelines( coloured revolutions, chechneya and serbia,bosnia)existing, but section destroyed tikrit-mosul pipeline(massacre at fulluja) trans afghan pipeline(invasion of afghanistan, canadian and british troops securing pipline corridor as we speak)now there are old oil pipelines from the 30's and 50's built by the british from kirkuk to syrian and lebanese ports, the israelies want to rebuild these lines with four to six lines as some will be for water something they have very little of. these new lines will be rerouted to haifa israel,in order to do this they need broke friendly governments that work for them in syria and lebanon, as in iraq and afghanistan. it would seem the most violence is happening on these pipeline corridors, with the exception of the b.t.c. pipeline which mostly runs through kurdish turkey and the kurds were given northern iraq's oil fields (for there help in the war on terror) all these pipelines will be connected, and the iraeli trans eilat- askelon pipeline(if you clic on the second website i gave in my question, clic in blue ,then pipeline maps)will be one of the main spigots. there are other spigots but (strangely enough)good maps seem to be hard to find. the b.t.c. pipeline is designed to produce 1.5 million barrels a day(at 80 dollars a barrell, possibly as high as 200)once you control all the spigots, a lot of loot. once all lines are connected, easily ten times that.
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i doubt that the actual people will benefit greatly from it, once the have drained they will leave it no different than the countries the pillaged in south america. people left poor, uneducated with no social infrastructure. those that control the spigots will reap the benefits along with those that aid them. there is far more depth and detail to it than this and i will try for my own sake to get my ducks in a row on the maps and other pipeline names, i hope that this enlightens you a bit on where i was coming from, anyway, cheers

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b.t.c. could this be the problem in the middle east?

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