what is a chav

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maxximus | 01:06 Sun 04th Jun 2006 | News
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see it mentioned here and there and while we're at it, defenition of asbo?


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An asbo is a chav's gcse grade and a chav is a clone the type you'd see in dr who or downing street!!

You'll probably find everything you wantto know here....

chavs wear matching top and pants in track suits and they all have a snide logo. (snide meaning fake)

Chav / Chavvie is a romany word that has been around for centuries, I believe it means Kid, but the sun newspaper would probably like to take the credit for coining the phrase

It has also been said that the word chav is used to describe a Chatham native

ASBO - Anti Social Behaviour Order

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all very clear, thanx. they sound like what we would call well dressed crack-heads. although here there rarely well dressed unless they've just pulled a good score.
I should think most Gypsies would be appalled at its modern meaning. I'd sooner have them as neighbours any day.

Actually, I always thought it was an acronym for Council House And Violent, or is that what the Sun said?
CHAV also stands for Council House Aggressively Violent!
nummy, that link is funny. did you see the video of the chav been arrested and crying for his mate to help him.
The Beckhams are the best examples of chavs - tacky life style.
We feel that we are are blessed with 'chav pet' in our house.One of my housemates relatives gave us a fake fur black and white spotted cat basket, which Campbell the cat adores. She is now known in our house as'chav cat'. check this out and see if you live amongst them!!!!

Jam...i've had a bit of a browse...but i can't find the video you mention....can you give me a clue to where it is?


a chav is a asbo

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what is a chav

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