What is Prescotts new job?

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sandbach99 | 20:09 Fri 05th May 2006 | News
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John Prescott has been stripped of his department, Ruth Kelly now has this, all he will do is chair major Cabinet committees to deliver 'efficient Government policy' . He also keeps all his perks like the use of Dorneywood and no doubt his extra salary.
Can someone explain what he is actually going to do to earn his salary and why he is entitled to all his perks.


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Ruth Kelly hahaha!!! Prescott will be just pulling her strings............
I agreee with squeeky, she's just there to do as she's told.
He has no job, he is deputy PM, a title that does not exist it has been used occassionally by PM's throughout history that have struggled to find somthing the incumbants can do and who do not have the bottle to send them where they belong. Before the lefty's jump on me Maggie also used it for Geoffrey in similar curcumstances.


Probably to keep the two wings (ha ha!) of the party together.

Pretty much what he's good at - hang around like a great bumbling anachronism, the embodiment of what Labour used to be roundly criticised for, being a charicature of a Socialist.

It's a disgrace, almost as much of a disgrace as backing Clarke, refusing his resignation, then sacking him. He is another incompatent buffoon, but he deserved better treatment than he got. Still, at least he'll have some free time to visit a barber, a tailor, and join a gym!

Approximately 60% less than what he was doing before but with the same salary!!!!!!

Can't we tax payers do the same??????

Prescott's new job (�600,000 a year (!) plus perks) is merely to support Blair in whatever harebrained ideas Blair comes up with tin his desperate attempt to 'leave a legacy' . This 'legacy' is unfortunately a dire one in rapidly increasing crime, poor education, money-wasting NHS, and open door policy for all, including potential terrorists, and pension crisis. I used to vote Labour but now am disillusioned to the core with the lot of them.

I'm not sure whether John Prescott deserves more public contempt for his affair or for the fact that he will now be doing "sweet fanny adams" at vast expense to the taxpayer. I just wish he'd resign or that his constituency party would de-select him.

There is a Pam Ayres verse in today's Telegraph which is well worth a look. It is too long to repeat here, but she ends by lauding Prescott's resourceful leadership qualities as follows;

"With one hand on the tiller
As steady as a rock.
And the other hand disappearing
Up his secretary's frock".

Blair is many things to all men, but he is no fool Prescott is a loose cannon and one place a PM does not need a loose cannon is the back benches. The PM has learned from MargaretThatcher who was knifed by Geoffrey Howe from the back benches. By the time they are thrown there they have nothing to lose - just watch the vitriol flow from Charles Clarke very shortly.

That is why Prescott is still there, his leash is still tied.

Q: What is Prescott's new job?

A: Gloating & looking smug, whilst everyone else around him are treading on eggshells!

i think i'll see my bookie this week and put a bit of money (heck, a lot) on a severely hung parliament at the next election.
further thought ... if cameron and the tories were to win, i'd tell him to give scotland immediate independence, thus wiping out every labour mp from north of the border and ensuring labour never governed in england and wales again.
When will you people realise that ALL politicians are serial liars so that they can keep their snouts in the trough. YOU vote for them so it's no good whinging when they are exposed for what they are.
Prescott keeping his job, well maybe not his actual job, just the �600,000 salary and perks that went with it, is just another example of "job for the boys"
They are ALL corrupt, money-grabbing liars (I really don't like them one bit - can you tell?!) that are kept in office by people who are daft enough to vote for them!

It's understandable that many people don't like Prescott's large wage and perks arrangement for seemingly little work. Me, too. But I don't know what Richard Cheney does either, apart from deputize for GWB. I believe one former Pres quipped about removing a chandelier from the VP's office to let him get to sleep more easily, implying that he was underworked.

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What is Prescotts new job?

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