Power, Money, or Both?

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Xollob | 14:14 Thu 27th Apr 2006 | News
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Assuming, for agument's sake, that Ms Temple didn't give the deputy prime minister a good nuzzling on the basis of his debonair charm and good looks, what is it exactly that women find irresistable about John Prescott and his ilk?


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Who knows - have to ask her, but remember it takes all sorts to make the world go round.

Perhaps someone should reccomend a trip to spec savers though for her.

It was said in an earlier post, thet money and power is a powerful turn on for some women, thats very true, you only have to look Mick Jagger, for example.
Totally agree with lonnie, what else has prescott got to offer other than power/money.

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Power, Money, or Both?

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