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Drisgirl | 01:24 Tue 28th Mar 2006 | News
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DNA is recognised as the greatest innovation ever.

I tonight watched two programmes.The first was Tonight with Trevor McDonald regarding the murder of Sally Anne Chapman.Her killers DNA is on the National DNA Database as he has previously committed another sexually related crime.

I have watched the documentary about Wearside Jack who was tracked down eventually through DNA.

Sally Anne would undoubtedly be alive today if every man and women gave their DNA for a National Database.

Pros - lives would be saved.

Cons - loss of civil rights

I have attempted to make this as succinct as possible.

Which side do you come down on?


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El D - its not just Britain - I think a lot of consciences are being pricked worldwide on this issue.

Do we in the event it might just save one life?

Do we not in case our personal DNA is abused?

It is a very contencious issue.

A lot of govt's are becoming more and more dictatorship like, telling the public what's good for them and what they can and cannot do. The govt is a huge organization, with habitual errors and scandals, many of which have come into the public view recently,,,, it would take a lot and a long time before I can trust them, and even longer for me to believe that something as personal as my DNA is safe in their hands.
Forgive me if I sound incredibly ignorant, but how exactly will a DNA database save lives? Once someone has committed a murder, DNA evidence may help to identify that person and therefore it may prevent them from killing other people, but I'm not sure the numbers of serial killers or multiple killers are really that high anyway and besides their first victim won't get anything out of it! I don't think that a DNA database would directly save lives, but I'm open to any convincing arguments for the contrary
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SarCaustic - I think one of the pros would be as you have mentioned - its preventing people re-offending.

When I first posted the Q I was convinced it was a good idea to back up the great innovation of DNA - I'm not so sure now.Idealistically - it would be wonderful but as someone pointed out we dont live in the ideal world.I think it would be an impossible task to set up and administer and then all the bills of parliament there would need to be to make it law.Plus we have a fair amount of transients in this country who would escape the net.All in all I dont think it will happen in the foreseeable future.

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