Not Got A Voting Paper .......

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Canary42 | 10:06 Fri 05th Aug 2022 | News
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... didn't vote online for Liz!


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me too
have I missed something?
yes kardy, you are probably not aware that the OP is a blithering eejit!
kardashev- its just part of the tit for tat between posters mimicking /mickytaking each others threads
canary and TTT do it sometimes
gulliver and TTT do the same
fatticus does it with TTT
(spot the link here)
I see, thanks bobbinwales, I don't come on here much so I'm not aware of these cliques!
me too normally am at work but been on leave and its been an eyeopener as to how childish alot of stuff is and how rude some posters are but get away with it
I'm not a Tory Party member so i didn't get a voting paper, either. However, with a piece of card from a cornflakes box and some crayons, i made my own, complete with envelope which i made from some leftover lining paper. I then addressed the envelope to myself, took the dog for a walk, posting the envelope through my letterbox on the way out.
Imagine my surprise when i got home to find i actually had received a voting paper:-)
Threw it in the bin.
Blither blither blither.
What is the deadline for deciding not to vote?
Probably December 2024.
Not worth voting, Putin has already decided the winner.

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Not Got A Voting Paper .......

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