Is £200 Enough Compensation For A Dodgy Sandwich.

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Canary42 | 09:25 Fri 05th Aug 2022 | News
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2 beetles in a pre-packed sandwich has upset this snowflake so much she wants more than £200 compensation. The beetles were clearly visible through the wrapping apparently so one wonders why she picked it to start with. And it's not as though she ate them anyway.

So BLT means beetle, lettuce and tomato - LOL.


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Is death by beetle classed as insecticide?
14:46 Fri 05th Aug 2022
Worst sandwich I had was at a pub in Manchester - it had been put on a plate with washing up liquid on it. I ate half before I realised, didn't have time to complain as I was on my way to sit an exam - I was foaming at the mouth!
I had a live caterpillar in pre-washed salad from a major supermarket. I wrote to tell them and they sent me a voucher for £5. Not that I wanted that. I just want clean salad.
should charge extra for the protein.
I think she did well to get a £200 top up.
I was once eating a lovely, large Golden Delicious. I put it down briefly after one bite, to get a drink. When I went to pick it up, a huge maggot was crawling out from the core. Ask me how many apples I've eaten since!
No one can be responsible for that though, Clarion. Maggots will do what maggots do.

I always cut apples into pieces - I never just crunch on them.
I had a bacardi and coke (a long time ago when they were fashionable) in a pub. I poured some of the coke (a bottle of Burtonwood Brewery's Bola Cola) into my bacardi then chewed on a piece of lemon before realising there WAS no lemon. I spat it out and it was a big fat hairy caterpillar) I rang the brewery (which was local to me) and was told it was ok cos I hadn't been charged for it!!!!! Wish I'd had the sense to keep it!
I found a maggot in a jar of mango chutney and made a complaint to the manufacturer through tesco. I wasn't expecting anything other than an apology but they sent me a £10 voucher and a couple of tikka masala seasoning packets.

Also, one lunch time I went to Sainsburys and bought a salad, got back to the office, stirred the pot of dressing in and found a thick black hair in it. Definitely not my hair. Luckily Sainsburys isn't far from the office so I went back and they exchanged it with another salad.
I can't get on with supermarket apples. A NT house near me has an orchard with about 10 different varieties not usually seen. My favourite is the Court Pendu Plat. Small, late ripening Oct/Nov. & delicious.
Also some developers have taken to planting open spaces with apple trees. Most people ignore them but I will eat them.
Compensation is meant to compensate not punish. Having not tried to eat the beetles it is difficult to justify more than £200 (unless one is American). Presumably authorities will be taking action under food legislation on top.
When I worked abroad many years ago I made pasties for the boys when it was my turn to cook. They thought that I had put black pepper in the pastry and ate them. I didn't think anything of it at the time but later I thought I put it in the mixture but not the pastry. Found out later that it wasn't black pepper but Weevils as we saw them move about in the flour that wasn't used. No one was ill and they all enjoyed them so no point telling them lol.
well my dears the leading case is Donoghue v Stevenson which started it all off
( snail in lemonade) 1936 or sometime.

£200 is the standard handout for psycho trauma ( or not_ this is AB)

( not counting the Hillsborough cases - too much detail)
not counting the Hillsborough cases - too much detail
tad insensitive?
I think £200 is adequate if not really quite generous. I think she is milking her fifteen minutes.
long, long time ago,, a burnt match inside a sausage but better than the family KFC who bought one of their packs and one of them bit into the chicken pieces in Colonel Sander's secret herb mix to find that it was, in fact, half a mouse. £5k fine for the outlet.....

Had a lovely live cockroach pinned under a beer glass in the Covent Garden ***'s Chinese restaurant once......
amazing - what is wrong with the word Po-on.
Hillsborough was 33 years ago - when can we mention it?
Is death by beetle
classed as insecticide?
they could be seen through the packaging but that doesn't necessarily mean they were recognisable; she's not an entomologist and she was no more looking for wildlife than I would have been.

But I think £200 is plenty.
oh, OK
hillsborough - the police recovered damages quicker than the injured because they were in contract ( emnployed) and so cd rely on contract and not tort

those squeeshed had to show there was a duty of care ( negligence, see above DOnoghue v Stevenson ) and cd hang a further claim for psycho damage on the case ( Fishcreel case - bourhill v Young)

BUT those who saw their children sqeeshed, if they were present, then they cd recover for psycho damage ALONE
but those who saw it on telly cd not
and the judge said, I am sorry boys I am gonna draw the public policy line at presence - those present yes, those seeing it on telly no.

and THAT was why I said Hillsborough cases apart

( squawks of the usual foo wot he on abart ven - foo dat goobledegooky stuff dat is - ad infintum - thank you for getting down to here)
If there are no ongoing issues, £200 is very generous.

This lady reports ongoing issues. It may well be that she will seek damages for personal injury because of the ongoing trauma it has caused her - known as pain, suffering and loss of amenity. Then it might not be enough.

It might be a useful diversion from the next round of Vardy v Rooney.

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