Queens portrait by Lucien Freud

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coyn | 10:38 Tue 20th Dec 2005 | News
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Which is the worse version, the one by Rolf Harris or this one? I must add I cant find a pic of Rolfs one so I haven't seen it. 2001


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I'd literally just made that point on the preceding thread. The Rolf one can be seen here:

Personally, I think the Lucien Freud one's dire and comparatively, the Rolf painting is much better.

I think the Freud one is Dire and the Harris one slightly less dire!
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Now that I've seen it I think that Rolf's is a minor masterpiece compared to Freuds.
I think they both look odd, you'd be gutted wouldn't you, if two artists came up with those versions of you!! The Rolf Harris one is better, but what's he done to her teeth?!
Who cares. Got much more to worry about than what some priviledged old woman looks like
Answers like that really annoy me - what's the point in bothering to answer if you're 'oh so busy' doing something else. If you're not interested in the question, please don't bother answering it.
Prefer the Rolf Harris portrait....Lucien Freud's portrait makes HM look like a reject from the Spitting Image Show!
I don't know what all the fuss is about, there is nothing wrong with Rolf's portrait. The other one is awful. I just thought the queen looked fat but that is not Rolf's fault if the queen has put weight on.
Well Englishbird, I take it you dont agree with me about the monarchy.

It may not be a straight yes or no answer but it is an answer to the question as far as I'm concerned, after all if it was not of the queen would the question even have been raised ?

However to appease you, if taken from the art point of view I think they are both pretty appalling.

no I don't agree with you about the monarchy, but that's not the point. It was just the tone of the post, maybe you were trying to make a point re the monarchy, but it might as well just read 'who cares'. And I don't like 'answers' that seem to ridicule the question.

I have no problem with difference of opinions, in fact i thrive on them. But the question was about art, not about whether or not we should have a monarchy - If you want a debate about that start another thread, but I'm going home now, I'll row with you about it tomorrow! ;o)

I actually like this one, I think it shows a sense of humour on the queens face.
i'm no expert on art but i know what i like and i can't stand all this modern art rubbish. why can no-one paint like the great master used to hundreds of years ago? some of their paintings were not lifelike they could have been a photograph. does no-one have that level of skill anymore?

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Queens portrait by Lucien Freud

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