The Leaving Do For Boris

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pimplyteen | 11:10 Thu 07th Jul 2022 | News
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Cliff Richards singing " Carrie" :0)


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got to give you that one! PMSL!
and then - - congratulations
( for seeing the light of course)

its my party I will cry if I want to

The party's over

( God the party will be as long as one of those non party flings at no 10 in the summer)
You mean Sir Cliff RICHARD
he's dead isnt he
or looks dead
No doubt there'll be a karaoke. Nadine up first with;

Followed closely by a gate-crashing Michael Gove, with;

"Take this job and shove it" - Johnny Paycheck.
oh you are referring to the q in the commons today
ministers who go are allowed a £425 000 once off pay off.....

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The Leaving Do For Boris

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