Ministers' Severance Pay

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Paigntonian | 10:56 Thu 07th Jul 2022 | News
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Labour MP says in Commons that resigning ministers qualify for a £420,000 pay-off. Wonder if this applies to people who have only been ministers for a day or so. Either way it seems extraordinary. Why should you be paid for resigning?


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You shouldn't - if it's legally due & they take it then it's a scandal. Damn savages...
Question Author
It really is outrageous. Why do we let them get away with it?
The ex Education Secretary gets nearly half a million for 2 days work??
That figure is the total amount for the ones who have resigned or been sacked, not for each one.
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Corby: Didn't realise that. Apologies to all. It did sound crazy!
given the numbers resigning that will probably amount to 80p each.
Sorry Paigntonian, I missed this thread when I made my post.
Lol at jno.
they've had three education secretaries in three days - a costly business.
Surely they dont get severance pay if they resign.
Seems so, although the figure includes 14K for Boris... at least he's 'working' his notice
// you shouldn't - if it's legally due//

if it is legally due, it is their duty to pay it ( due, duty, geddit???)
it probably isnt - you can apply for it
I imagine you can say no thanks ( Thatcher did, to her statutory pay rise) or fail to apply - that is you have a power to claim (*)

anyway I am not sure this is the most important thing this week

(*) another very pointy headed er point
No the reason
raison d'etre - just to excoriate the now bruised usual suspects
the raison d'eeeeeeetre is
what do you do with a resigned minister?
well nothing
evenmore unemployable than a defrocked cleric ( at least he can lead 'services' at stonehenge for money)
so it is to make up for that

Harvey Proctor - rent boys AGAIN became a shirt designer
Woodrow Wyatt ( balance of power along with Desmond Donelly in the 1964 first wilson admin) - the voice of reason column in the news of the screws
PeterPedant whats the point of only quoting half of davebro's sentence and then criticising as been illogical
// PeterPedant whats the point ....//
deja lu - - that is the reader should know as it is fresh in his mind
I mean god it is really boring the first time round a lot of the time,
You dont want me to KILL or BLIND the reader by repeating the guff a second time within 30s?

oh, you do
Not that the Labour or Liberal Parties have never benefited from this - hypocrites....all pigs at the trough.

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Ministers' Severance Pay

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