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ichkeria | 09:50 Thu 07th Jul 2022 | News
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I apologise for earlier posting a fake photo of a Ukrainian flag on Snake Island (“fake” as in not current)

Here is a real one :-)

Well, there’s nothing much else happening at the moment

Meanwhile in Ukraine Russian ammo dumps continue to go boom …
And Ukrainian forces now in easy artillery range of Kherson.
FWIW yesterday was the first day of 133 days of war when Russian forces did not advance …


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Hi Itch
it is useful to remind us with all the blood in Downing St., that real blood ( kiddies etc) is being spilt in Ukraine

what DOES khokhly mean by the way - Ukrainians saw it and bombed it.
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Morning Peter

That’s interesting. Хохол is Russian for “crest”, especially the one the Cossacks used on their helmets historically. It came to be used as a derogatory term for anyone who spoke Russian poorly (you can see what they thought of Ukrainians)
and tends to be used as a derogatory term for Ukrainians now.
Not surprised it was zapped. Where was it?
from the header I thought this was about Gove !

Khokhly is here

there is something on U tube as the field looks like lettuse and the letters are clearly seen ( like dety but er different)
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“from the header I thought this was about Gove !”

I had to draw you in somehow …
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From peter's link

"Russian troops trampled the word "Khokhly" on the grass in front of their positions. Thanks to this, they were noticed by Ukrainian intelligence and struck "

Which is why it would be embarrassing (and unlikely) if Ukraine lost a war to that ...
I mean, you might as well paint a large arrow and say "bomb us here"

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