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gulliver1 | 08:49 Thu 07th Jul 2022 | News
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Boris will go down in History as the P/M who
.............Didn't Get Brexit Done just left the UK in a state of Chaos.
What a shambles you have caused Boris. Go now and let the Country start repairing the Damage you have done.


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Change the record, you're getting very boring now!!!!
You lost get over it.

Boris has many faults but he did get us out of the EU and implemented the democratic will of the people.

It's very odd you picked on the one thing he did actually do. Granted not perfect but then it never was. It is like taking a slice of pizza, the big bit comes away easy but it takes an age to trim the stringy bits.
What is gulliver going to do when Boris does go as all his threads involve him. Maybe gulliver will go too. By the way we have left the EU and not even Labour are now thinking of rejoining so Brexit is done.
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Hope the UK elects a
,,,,"Lets get Brexit Un-Done" Pm
......I would PMSL.
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// but he did get us out of the EU //

It was mostly May’s deal. He just fudged the hard bit that no one could agree on. He signed a Brexit deal that even he didn’t believe, which is why we find ourselves breaking it and trying to rewrite it long after we have signed it.

//How is it democratic?//

A referendum was held on whether to leave the EU or stay. The majority voted to leave. That is democracy in action.

//I really disagree with the brexit.//

Maybe, but you lost so get over it and move on. Life is too short to be miserable.
Android //How is it democratic? //
Because that is what the people voted for.
//How is it democratic?//

In case you missed it there was a vote. The majority (who voted) voted the leave the EU. That's how democracy works.
// which is why we find ourselves breaking it and trying to rewrite it long after we have signed it.//

You know very well Article 16 in the signed agreement allows for this on both sides. Your beloved EU were about to use it over the vaccines remember?
Strictly speaking what he did was do very well to win an election against a hopeless opponent.
Once that was achieved Brexit one way or another was inevitable. What happened next was a frankly dishonest or ignorant claim to have solved the N Ireland issue as part of a Brexit agreement. That’s now unravelling.
I think he deserves more credit than he’s had from many quarters for aspects of the Covid handling and for Ukraine - he excels at crusading - what’s happening now tho is shocking
Theres been more crap flying round in number 10 under Boris than the cats put in the litter tray.
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...and if Scexit goes the same way as Brexit(as it will,remember my words),then Scotland will be well ***ed.
Brexit is done, we are out of the EU, it's just the consequences of the EU reaction that still needs sorting.

The UK isn't in chaos, that's just wishful thinking on your part.

Nothing is a shambles, just as usual, there are always things to work on, and presently there is division on whether the present MP should continue.

Until someone better suited comes onto the scene it's highly questionable whether the disruption and high risk from further change would be of any benefit.
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IMO the only reason he would have signed up on an Irish Sea border has to be that the EU were insisting on either a border between EU Ireland and non-EU Northern Ireland (and probably hoping to blame the UK for the EU's disrespect for the Belfast Agreement) or one between GB and NI; and he knew article 16 would allow change when it became blatantly obvious it was unworkable, and the EU, and for that matter the rest of the interfering world, couldn't deny it. Personally I can not think of another, let alone better, valid explanation.
You must know, because it's been said countless times before; most people in the UK wanted to leave the EU because it would restore sovereignty and stop an unelected foreign elite dictating to us. The unfortunate thing is that we still have other groups we need to withdrawn from before we have the full sovereignty we crave, but give it time.
Brexit still isn't done.

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