What If Boris Calls A General Election?

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dave50 | 07:19 Thu 07th Jul 2022 | News
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If he did then won, that would put the cat among the pigeons.


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I think he should - if he possibly can. If the Tories were to scrape in albeit with a wafer-thin majority (or be the major party in a coalition) there would be a real conundrum about what to with Boris.
The Queen might refuse.
They wouldn't win.
so you think Labour would get in Hopkirk
Lets get there and discuss it when it occurs
no really
enough going on in real time and the real world called the Westminister Bubble rather than make up scenarios

And you had the answer a few days ago but so what
see wiki - Lascelles principles
monarch may refuse... if three conditions are fulfilled which they all are here

Boris is a convention smasher, so what happens if he smashes a few conventions we want ( keep the Monarch out of politics fr'instance) ?
Once they ( Boris silly!) go - do the conventions come back or - - -
do they remain smashed?

very very pointy headed text following. Any double digit IQ ABer should not go beyond this point .... ( that means all of them a cruel voice is heard in the crowd)
A law prof hath said: since conventions such as these are extra statutory, they cant be restored by a statutory reset ( the act says "everything back to 1970" for instance)
I told you it was pointy headed
The Queen might refuse.

the queen can lawfully refuse

and anyone spotted the whoopsie in the text?
In the letter to the times ( in the wiki article silly!) Senex cites three examples of governors refusing elections
and.... 20 y later in Australia it was successfully pleaded that the gov Gen of Oz had MORE powers than the monarch !
( in the matter of Governor dismissing Gough Whitlam)

sozza readers
If a mod wishes to delete ont he grounds that the points made are far to arty-farty for AB, I wd agree.
Let posts like " radio rental!" rule ! Yay ( and that)
No, Emmie, I think the Libdems would do surprisingly well.
not well enough to form any sort of government though.
Lol, ‘if’.
Labour will do well in the next GE but they wont gain power. I expect them to get most of the Red Wall seats back but they need Scotland to gain a majority. And that aint gonna happen. I expect a hung parliament and hence, a coalition.
Calling an election now would be insane: even by the current surreal standards.

For one thing the Tory party has no money to fund a campaign.

One can only imagine what would happen if he did though. He seems to think he was elected President and has a personal mandate: which is hopelessly deluded.

More interesting is why doesn’t Labour call for a vote of no confidence in parliament? Presumably because for all that has happened the govt would still win it. Labour probably needs to stay out of this for now
If Boris goes and a strong leader impresses,then as long as the election is as late as possible the Tories can recover.
//No, Emmie, I think the Libdems would do surprisingly well. //

Doubt it, Hopkirk ... especially if the electorate remembers their appalling response to the result of the Referendum.
The tories can certainly recover but not if there was an election now
Can Boris call a general election? (I don’t know).
The 2019 one happened because Johnson put down a motion in the Commons and it was carried after Labour foolishly voted for a general election.

If the same method was used now, not sure the Conservatives would vote for it, and hopefully Labour wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, and would reject it.
Is that still the process ?
(Boris cannot just declare a general election, the HOC has to agree to one in a vote)
I could join the extending disappointment list with Boris but if they were a GE being a labour voter all my life, no way would I this time with Smarmer at the helm.
It is a very strange situation for a Prime Minister to get himself into. His own MPs have mutinied. Not what you’d expect from a large majority.
Who can you seriously see as replacing Boris!?
If, and its still a pretty big if, an election was called I strongly suspect the result would be a hung parliament. I would anticipate much voter apathy over it.

And remember, in the UK we vote for our MP not the Prime Minister.

As for labour, I doubt they have the cash or the stomach for it just yet either. Libdems, well.... and as for the greens once we have got the homewrecker out of No10 hopefully that'll be the last we see of any of them near power.

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