Does Boris Think That He Is As Teflon-Proof As His Mate, Donald Trump?

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DTCwordfan | 22:14 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | News
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Discuss - as there seems to be many simiarities .

I don't think that we will see a Donaldesque invasion of Parliament....unlike that jerk emerged fron the Republican hierarchy to degrade the office of President but are we risking parallels here?


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I remarked to a friend earlier today on the similarities.

Both refusing to accept the reality of what is happening.
Both refusing the result.
Both getting more preposterous as the end nears.

Fortunately the Boris fanboys aren’t armed to the teeth and about to storm Parliament.
There are a few similarities, but as I've said elsewhere, Boris Johnson is not insane, nor is he a would be dictator.

I've no idea what's going on in his head at the moment though. Perhaps the unrelenting pressure is causing him to behave strangely.
Boris did lead his party to a thumping big majority at the General election, and he has survived a vote of no confidence, so why should he give up? He is legitimately our Prime Minister.
On the other hand, he is not a good leader. There are flaws in his character that reoccur and lead to the same mistakes being made again and again. He rates loyalty more than he rates ability. So he has surrounded himself with talentless toadies, and the show goes from one crisis to another.
This week must be particularly galling for him to see so many of his colleagues being disloyal, after all he has done for them.
I'm still trying to work out what "Teflon-proof" means - resistant to being covered by a nonstick surface? I think that probably applies to everyone. ;-)
//Both refusing the result.//

What result has Mr Johnson refused?
No the masses wouldn't come
( when he might call them)

I mean trump supporters ( entry reqt - the election WAS stolen) still credit chameleon creatures in Washington abusing children ....
// I'm still trying to work out what "Teflon-proof" is//
hi the chair !
it means - teflon AND proof
and not proof against teflon

this is explicative , epenthetic, or exegetic
Hey you have never seen THOSE words on AB before !

Try Latin poesy as an antidote to AB ! - Caesar dux - one noun is in apposition. ( Caesar who IS the leader, explicative) - NOT Caesar and another man, the leader....

or - - “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.” - not alternatives, but epexegetic - not three but one

Clear? - back to AB !

Reagan, I recollect was always referred to as the Teflon president, and I think 'proof' is stuck in, to er explain to those with poor memories

Hey - back to the foo's and what dat den of AB !

Was it not Clinton?

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Does Boris Think That He Is As Teflon-Proof As His Mate, Donald Trump?

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