Johnson: End Game In Full Swing

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FatticusInch | 15:35 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | News
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From Sky News.
Johnson appears before the liaison committee.

The Liaison Committee has started
Boris Johnson is being quizzed by the committee, which is made up of the chairs of Commons committees.
One of the main topics is "integrity in politics".
But chair of the Liaison Committee Sir Bernard Jenkin has said they will address integrity in politics at the end of the session.
He warns if the PM has long answers they will simply detain him longer.

He’s in for a torrid afternoon.
Meanwhile, Gove wants him gone.

It’s actually funny now watching him putting himself through such self-flagellation and public ridicule.
He must be an Uber-masochist who would make even King Canute blush.


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Johnson is not as bad as Trump... he's not a fascist or I don't think so anyway... He is an entitled child of privilege who believes he has every right to power and every right to abuse it in order to indulge his appetites... Lazy, directionless, probably drunk/drugged, incompetent, deceitful... this is the person that tories gleefully foisted on the rest of...
21:37 Wed 06th Jul 2022
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Where are the usual Borstriches tonight?
More than conspicuous by their absence!
Johnson is doing exactly what Trump would be doing in his place, except Trump would also be calling on people to storm Parliament to support him.
Trump would be insisting that nobody has resigned and that all the resignation letters were forgeries by evil democrat paedophile lizards
There is fun to be had in his inevitable downfall, but for the country it has become (again not unexpectely) en embarrassing debacle. That man's ego has made us a laughing stock. I cannot understand how the Boris supporters on here can even turn up to comment let alone continue to defend this despicable example of human being.
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Chelle, they’re more deluded than even he is.
One the other day described him as a shining beacon among the dross! PMSL.
Will Boris get knighted one day, or be made a lord?
The usual suspects are less wordy than normal
I see no 'foo's' - there is a complete absence of my fave one liner:
" I didnt say that. Well I did yesterday. Today I am saying the opposite"

The other thing is that he has to see the queen first

"oh Cripes" sys boris, fwobbling his flaxen hair. His tired unkempt locks show signs of being pulled. "I didnt think of that. It is a bit of an elenchus really, full of er apologies and obsequies. Um I had better go and do it now"
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Jenny Stevens tweets.

When I was laid off by Boris Johnson ( at City Hall), I was called into a big room where he stood with a clipboard and unceremoniously read out job titles followed by the words “will be deleted”. I do hope he is served with similar courtesy.

Atm I feel Graham Brady will need a trebuchet and a lynch mob! What on earth is Johnson smoking?
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//Will Boris get knighted one day, or be made a lord?//

Let’s see him put to the sword first! I feel his behaviour is now so reprehensible I reckon there’ll be uproar if he is ever afforded such a courtesy.
// Will Boris get knighted one day, or be made a lord?//
yeah custom and not enforceable
Bercow didnt get a Lordship but deserved one ( against custom over 300 y)
Speaker Martin was Lorded even tho he was corrupt and heaved out because of it ( if yo go we will lord you)

Major chose a knighthood and stayed in the commons.
Churchill turned down Duke of London, and chose a knight
Atlee - Earl ( Earl Atlee) Eden Earl Avon
Douglas Home was Lord Hume and became lord home
Wilson lord
Heath sir
Callaghan - not sure
Thatcher Leddy
and the rest is history

hsnt he gone yet - what on earth is delayinng him
a trebuchet for the modern reader
is a four fold spikey thing ( nearest thing to a tetrahedral carbon atom. Think methan and pull the hydrogens off)
which stops horses

Camilla is not planning to visit no 10 tonight - ter daah !
it is catapult
I notice that TTT the arch Boris supporter is conspicuous by his absence on this thread. Ditto Naomi!
Naomi - official bulletin - is feeling a little fractious and fraughtie-pooze. She is resting her noble head and is sleeping. Things have not turned out as she had hoped but never mind reader, tomorrow she will clarify that it has !

We dont know if BORIS has laid his noble head on a pillow and is being soothed as we speak by the loyal and wonderful Carrie. tended nay, ministered to
Isn't this all about Brexit - the elephant in the room?
Diddly, you spoke too soon. I’m not here 24 hours a day but I pop in intermittently and rarely in the evening. However, my television programme is finished and I’m here now.

PP, rein in your imagination. It’s over-active.
Naomi was a little worse for ware this morning.
She forgot Rishi had resigned the night before and that the Iraqi refugee had taken over. Never mind, it took her 5 hours to catch up :- (
She accused another AB member of being confused, when it was her who had lost the plot.
Hope she sleeps well, and comes back tomorrow refreshed, and focussed.
If you're (still) a Boris supporter you've got two choices at this point, either stay quiet or look foolish.

It's no surprise most of them are staying quiet.
Question Author
It’s becoming clear that the only way to oust him now is for the cabinet to resign en masse or the new 1922 Committee members next week change the rules.
How on earth does he expect to get anything through parliament when backed by no more than a handful?
He’s taken British politics to previously unplumbed depths today and now looks arrogantly stupid in the face of overwhelming odds. He’s made the UK look like a joke to the world.
He’s clearly unhinged, that’s now patently obvious.
Gromit, dragging your petulant bottom lip from thread to thread (unless I've lost count this is the third) puts you in danger of joining the PP club.

Tomus, //If you're (still) a Boris supporter you've got two choices at this point, either stay quiet or look foolish.//

That sounds like an ultimatum but why you think that your opinion, or that of the 'ovinesque' mob would influence me is anyone's guess. Having read the truly spiteful bile here I can assure you that I choose my company rather more carefully.

Back to the topic. As I see it, Boris can capitulate to the hounding, which, as the weak-minded and the self-serving join the fray, is as these things tend to do, gathering pace - but in the absence of a clear, strong, successor, as someone who undeniably had the support of the electorate when he led his party to a huge victory only a few years ago, who got us through Brexit and the pandemic, and is a leader on the world stage, that would be tantamount to throwing this country under a bus - and all for what? A piece of birthday cake and a dirty, drunken old devil who can't keep his hands off men - allegedly.

Is that really what it's all about? Of course it isn't - but if his enemies shout loudly enough and listeners are stupid enough to be taken in by it - and they are - it serves to obfuscate the real reason. He isn’t embarrassing this country, as someone suggested. They are.

Like Khandro, I think this is about Brexit - the plotting goes deep as does the spite - and I strongly suspect that the moment he goes - if he goes - moves will be made in any way possible to shoehorn this country back into the grip of the EU. There are dirty deeds afoot here - and I don't mean from any perverted member of the Carlton Club.

The foul language used against him will doubtless continue to be blithely bandied around because few can see further than the noses. Personally, I wouldn’t blame him if he does choose the quiet life and go. Then it will all be someone else's problem. Ours.

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Johnson: End Game In Full Swing

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