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gulliver1 | 15:04 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | News
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Is the Tory Party now slipping into decline , after electing their worst p/m in living history.... Hope so . Will the school children of tomorrow be taught about the Conservative Party who tried to rule Britain in the Twenties. Hope so.


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Just to make sure its even and fair maybe they`ll teach them about the Labour party who left behind empty coffers and an apology note.
Not forgetting their fair share of MPs indulging in criminality.
The Conservative Party has been hijacked by the Eco green liberals, just like your Party was hijacked by the far left momentum.

Hopefully once Johnson and his awful green zealot wife have been turfed out of No10, with 810 a roll paper following them (hope he just pinned it up) it can return to proper Conservative values.

And remind me, how many terms have your labour Party had over the last 120 years?
Goodness knows what you're on about. The Conservative Party is the most successful political party in British history. They've been the dominant party for the last 120 years. And one of the reasons for their success is an ability to knife failing leaders in the back extremely quickly. They've been in power for the last 12 years while Brown, Miliband and Corbyn have fallen on their swords.
They're not 'slipping into decline'. They've got a majority of 80 and are going to replace their leader. That's something Labour should have done with Kinnock, who lost an election only to be allowed to lose another one. And Corbyn lost an election and, again, was allowed to lose again.
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The beauty of the present political crisis means it is not just the end of Johnson but it looks like it could be the end of the Tory Party for decades .
They could also be told about the Liberals, the SDP and the Labour party.
oh God 2020s - ( = oh dear he means the twenties of the 21 st century) and not the 1920s
when the tories were in power and not distinguishing themselves
Churchill as a jesus-awful Chancellor
Baldwin failing to rearm and being ( Guilty Men (Cato)) blamed for putting party before country

precisely why and how it collapsed - reveals a striking case of the contingent construction of historical interpretation. Partisan politics, legitimation of a new regime, a Churchillian bandwagon, self-exoneration, and selective recollection together reinforced hindsight and a wartime appetite for scapegoats to create a public myth, which despite manifest evidence to the contrary was accepted as historical 'truth' by historians and other intellectuals.

2020s - nope 1920s- but how it resonates ! ( rings a bell you hopeless proles)
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Johnson is now saying it would not be Responsible for him to resign now . He no longer thinks he is Churchill he now thinks he is Lord Kitchener.
"Your Country needs" Me.... PMSL.
Hi Gullz - you're having a good day
unedifyiing isnt it
Yes it is says Gully with a huge grin ( the grin people DDDIIIIIEEEEE from), it is indeed
Kitchener had his faults ( predatory gay apparently and had to have a keeper) [my mama said: oh everyone in the Indian Army knew that] never said
his country needed HIM ( self )
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17.29 Peter, at the moment with the desperate state of
The Con/Nasty Party "I'm having the time of my life".
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As Tony Blair said "Things can only get better" and with Boris put on his Bike, then Mr Blair is spot on.
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17,31 Never Knew Kitchener was Gay Peter.
Every female at No 10 knows that Boris ain't.
They will recover and move on from BJ, Rees Mogg, Gove, and other entitled toffs etc and continue to be successful.

Sad but true.

If only Labour had a leader with a clear goal, and, you know, a personality of some kind.
Please let's not choose our leaders on 'personality' Mozz. That's how we ended up with Johnson.

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