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ynnafymmi | 07:51 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | News
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Anyone on here know how this daft Rwanda scheme thingy is going?It seems to have slipped off the radar recently.


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nope, i reckon it's a non starter.
Prince Andrew to be shipped out there perhaps?
Don't know - but I don't think it's daft.
seems a good idea, but can't see it working, too many bleeding heart liberals have a hand in scuppering it.
I think they're still clearing the legal challenges and procrastinating on leaving the ECHR.
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Whatever,emmie,it seems to have died a death anyway.We were going to send them our illegal immigrants(and a load of money)and in return they were going to send back to Britain their physically and mentally challenged Rwandans.Woopie-doo.Win-win all round.Not.
But that's not looking deep enough is it. One gets a few folk with issues in exchange, but then the illegals realise they're wasting their time, effort, money, and decide France is just about tolerable so stay there, and the issue reduces to next to nothing.
There is no plan to send the prime minister ro Rwanda
he is from Armenia innit?
haw haw haw
I think it is still mired in legal problems.

The rush was to save the Tiverton by election. Now that is lost, and no tricky by elections are on the horizon, then it has been put on the back burner.
Forced migration might be necessary, if only to deter another refugee from becoming Chancellor in the future.
He was born in Southampton.... but don't let that stop you stirring, Gromit.
As I said when it was first announced, unless the government is considering withdrawing from the ECHR or ignoring its court's rulings, the scheme is a complete non-starter. Apart from that the capacity of the scheme is about 400 (IIRC) - so about one day's arrivals on a decent day. The UK has committed to paying Rwanda huge sums of money for the scheme which we will probably pay anyway and, as mentioned, has also agreed to take some of Rwanda's problems for medical treatment which we will also probably do anyway.

I don't know how many times it has to emphasised but there is only one way to prevent illegal immigrants remaining here and that's to stop them landing here in the first place.
Gromit, are you related to Boris Johnson?

Only you seem to have the same fleeting brush with truth that he has.
Is that the suburb of Southampton called Baghdad ?
Are you related to Will Quince?

Doomed to repeat a lie without properly checking ?
Geography not your forte, Gromit?
// Zahawi was born on 2 June 1967 in Baghdad to Iraqi Kurdish parents. At the age of nine, he and his family fled to the UK from Iraq in 1976, during Saddam Hussein's early years in power. //

Most odd, says nothing about Southampton on his biog ?

Rwanda is just one part of what is going on. It, rather conveniently opened the door for us to further plans to leave the ECHR and amend Bliars disastrous HRA (more than likely setup for his Missus to make shed loads of cash)

In addition to this a new deal with Nigeria to deter illegal immigration has been struck and of course the Nationality and Borders Act measures are starting to be implemented.

There is also the plan for a new immigration removal centre in Oxfordshire for men, which are of course mainly the problem.
Careful you don't cut yourself as you so often do, gromit .. you being so smart and all that.
Ah, so a new Chancellor has been appointed.

Rather makes you look like a racist now Gromit.

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