Sajid Javid Resigns! Just Breaking On B B C Ticket

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FatticusInch | 18:06 Tue 05th Jul 2022 | News
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The house of cards is on its way! Lol


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The rats are leaving the sinking ***.
Long overdue.
Question Author
Looking forward to his resignation letter.
Sky News reporting that other Cabinet Ministers are considering their positions.
Question Author
That mechanism to remove him that ToraToraTora wanted to hear about, here it is.
Rishi Sunak has resigned!
Nothing to see here - move on
the AB stalwarts reassure the electors

Proles on AB have reacted badly to the resignation of Sajid Javid in the current administration. Party stalwarts and toadies on AB have reacted instantly to play down any reactions

In his resignation letter they reassure the revolting ABers, " you are a wonderful prime minister, whose light burns so brightly to lead the whole united British people into Paradise"

One particular Aber known only as "Vomit" pointed out the text actually - Boris you are a damned liar and I cant bear to hear another day of your lies, I'm going ! "

Another, Fatso Pinch averred.....

Smacks of an orchestrated coup ...
Not before time, shame on them ,that their resignations were not sooner .
Exactly, Anne. And they will have been aware of far more wrongs than we were.
Bye bye Boris and not before time.
I'm a Tory but thank God he's on his way.
I'm not sure what the 'news' story is here, Gulliver. Is it that you're 'amazed'?

oh thank god the fire engine has arrived !
heavens they dont have hoses ( I have one of those - Boris)
they have kalashers straight from Ukraine
they arent a fire engine
they are the firing sqad!
bamma lamma bamma
When Boris became PM I said he would either be very good or very bad. I think it was the latter.
Gulliver's not actually here, PP. And he's not going to be satisfied with the departure of mere minions.
Question Author
I’d imagine that Chris Pincher is most definitely off the Christmas card list! Lol.
No - one of his stalwart defenders points out that on becoming PM, his history was that he had been dismissed for dishonesty six times previously.(*)

good experience for the job I think one said as a crushing one liner

(*) starting with wife no 1 and the Sextator affair
Gulliver's not actually here, PP

oh, I am not very good with the truth - just like someone who lives near no 11 Downing St !
start with his dismissal from his first job at The Times, shirley? For making up a quote and getting it so wrong his godfather shopped him.
hsi first boo-boo at the times

“The trouble was that somewhere in my copy I managed to attribute to Colin the view that Edward II and Piers Gaveston would have been cavorting together in the Rose Palace,” Boris wrote. “Unfortunately, some linkside don at a provincial university spotted that by the time the Rose Palace was built, Piers Gaveston would long have been murdered. It was very nasty.”

from Google: PP bows head and admits he is a bad bad boy for using google - any Boris supporting ABer - er - just makes it up

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Sajid Javid Resigns! Just Breaking On B B C Ticket

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