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Lets no try him by media too.

Wait for the Court case, innocent until proven guilty.
A boorish bully - already proven
And that makes him automatically guilty of this charge does it GG?
Never said it does; but he's a troubled, unpleasant individual and it would not surprise me if he's convicted
yep clearly a wrongun.
Mr Kyrgios is further proof that it is possible to have a wonderful talent that entertains millions of people, and still be an utterly reprehensible human being.

The problem is, because such people attract so much money, sanctions simply never occur, and their sense of self-entitlement goes off the scale, and they start behaving worse, simply because they can, like naughty children taught no boundaries.

The All-England Club should not tolerate his wilful flouting of the dress and conduct codes, and suspend or ban him.

Of course, they won't because he is too valuable as a draw, they know it, and sadly, so does he, so he will carry on.

We get the famous people we deserve, always have, always will.

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Kyrgios Charged With Assault

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