Bad News For The 5C........

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ToraToraTora | 11:18 Tue 05th Jul 2022 | News
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even if, and that is a big if, Rodders gets the keys to no 10, we are not rejoining the EUSSR. Better find another party peeps!


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You never know, he might have the same relationship with the truth as Johnson does, say one thing to achieve his aim, but the opposite when in office.
//Rodders gets the keys to no 10, we are not rejoining the EUSSR.//

If you believe that you'll believe anything.
Why would the EU want to take us back? We've been at loggerheads with each other for years now. I don't believe either of the main parties will be looking to rejoin for at least a decade.
Cash Moz, they are a bit short at the moment what with us (second largest contributor) leaving and Covid.
//Labour's plan, he said, would focus on "unblocking" the government's Brexit deal by removing barriers to trade with the EU //

And I wonder exactly what that means. Sir Kier will have been very careful with his actual words being a brief so I would take MSM reports with a pinch of salt.

It's all about regaining the 'red wall' seats.
Until there is a 'compelling reason' for him to change his mind. Not fooled.
Quite Jordain
As long as Boris stays Labour will easily win the next election, keep Boris
Don't hold your breath, john.

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Bad News For The 5C........

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