10-Year-Old Rape Victim And Abortion

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naomi24 | 11:11 Tue 05th Jul 2022 | News
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Following the recent ruling by the US Supreme Court, a 10 year old rape victim has been forced to travel from Ohio to Indiana in order to get an abortion. How do the avid anti-abortionists feel about that? Should the little girl have been compelled to give birth?


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This drives me insane!
I am on a chat group for Las Vegas and just the other day there was a protest for women's rights - the key one being overturning of the high court decision.
Well the number of men that call women 'baby murderers' if they had an abortion was quite frankly shocking and said they should carry the babies to full term even if as in your case they were raped!

I was honestly shocked and very angry at some of the attitudes so your news piece does not surprise me at all and no of course she should not have to travel or be forced to have a child!
It seems apparent that the vast majority of supporters of this denial of choice are right-wing men.

There is a lesson there ...
The US frightens me, they get dafter.
Kind of doubt the veracity of the story.
If there was any truth in it, it would be what's known as an outlier.
We could find outliers in any and every circumstance but they wouldn't make a good basis for law.
Over 98% of abortions are elective.
I read a very frightening article in the NY times the other day. There are extremist anti abortion groups who believe that women who have abortions are murderers and should be punished according to the laws of the state they reside in. So, if a woman who lives in Texas had an abortion...she'd face the death penalty. And rightly so according to these nutters.

Found the may be behind a paywall.
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In El Salvador there are women serving long prison sentences because courts decided the miscarriages they had were actually abortions.
That might be the way half of the states in the USA are heading.
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Failing to rule out a suggestion is neither a 'yes' or 'no' - hence it is no guarantee.
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And what doctor would dare to perform a procedure that might land him/her in prison?
And how long will it take them to make that decision?
A 10 year old giving birth……… dangerous for the baby and the mother. It’s medieval times .
> We could find outliers in any and every circumstance but they wouldn't make a good basis for law.

On the contrary, a good law should consider outliers, otherwise you get a law that forces a 10 year old rape victim to have a baby.

And in this case, I think the lawmakers did consider such outliers (they'd be pretty useless lawmakers if they didn't), and still put the law in place knowing that situations such as this one could crop up and the laws they were making would deal with such situations as they wished. i.e. they considered it, and they do not want child rape victims to be allowed to have an abortion in their state.
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I have my doubts about those who claim 'all life is sacred', jura.
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how do I feel about it
"Difficult cases make bad law"

how else do I feel, 10y is young to have a baby
I think there has been a fundamental misunderstanding of what this ruling was.

Years ago the Supreme Court made a ruling on something not covered by the constitution, they should not have done. Successive Governments, Dems and GOP have failed to make a Federal law to cover it. So now it has been returned to the individual States to decide, as is there constitution.

If anything its now more democratic.

As to what each individual State decides that is a different matter, but it should reflect the views of the majority. Or the Governor will be out next election.

For the record I think the UK has it about right, maybe a little shorter time but I can live with how we have it.

If anything its now more democratic.
blimey that is what Pres Xi said about Hong Kong - - so it must be true!

so you go from - yes you can have an abortion
to no you cant, and it is better. Righto!
This invincible one-liner is to be found on AB - yup, I can believe that!
On the contrary, a good law should consider outliers,
no - hard cases make bad law - known a long time, ( Richard I or someone)
as for : And what doctor would dare to perform a procedure that might land him/her in prison?

this one

R v Bourne [1938] 3 All ER 615
A 14 year old girl was raped by five soldiers and became pregnant as a result. An eminent gynaecologist performed an abortion on her and was charged with the offence of conducting an illegal abortion. He was acquitted. Mr Justice Macnaghten:

“If the doctor is of the opinion, on reasonable grounds and with adequate knowledge, that the probable consequence of the continuance of the pregnancy will be to make the woman a physical or mental wreck, the jury are entitled to take the view that the doctor is operating for the purpose of preserving the life of the mother”.

I would have thought a lof of jurisdictions have similar rulings.
For those who like Latin, MacNaghten J turned around and said there is no mens rea ( he didnt intend this) - and banged his gavel and screamed ( as judges do) -"Case dismissed!"

You proles missed all this because you dont google - a machine of the devil, well bad luck, haw haw haw

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10-Year-Old Rape Victim And Abortion

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