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More from Sky News.

Chris Pincher is not under "any sort of government investigation" following his resignation, Downing Street has said.
A Number 10 spokesman said the prime minister believed Mr Pincher's behaviour was "unacceptable" and that it was right for him to resign.
It was also suggested that Mr Johnson considered the matter of the former deputy chief whip as closed.
Asked whether Mr Johnson believes the issue was done and dusted, a Number 10 spokesperson said: "He's (Chris Pincher) resigned that position so I'm not aware of any sort of government investigation."
Pressed on whether Mr Pincher was under any form of probe, the official said: "He's withdrawn his position as a minister, so I would have to point you to my political colleagues in terms of any sort of party investigations."
The spokesperson also said the PM was not aware of any allegations at time of appointing Mr Pincher as chief whip, explaining that when appointments are made they are looked at and there was no basis to stop it.
"In the absence of any formal complaint, it was not appropriate to stop the appointment based on unsubstantiated allegations," they said.
Earlier today, Politico's Playbook cited three sources, including one Tory MP who personally raised the issue, as saying the prime minister was aware of complaints about Mr Pincher's "inappropriate behaviour".
A source told the news organisation the allegations had been conveyed to the PM's chief of staff, Steve Barclay.
Mr Barclay reportedly flagged them to the Cabinet Office propriety and ethics team during the February reshuffle, when Mr Pincher was appointed.

Not more allegations against a government mired in sleaze, surely?
Johnson knew but appointed him anyway?
What a surprise!
Another by-election? Why?You’re getting over-excited again. : o)
Strong drink has been the ruin of many a man.
Sobriety and keeping one's hands to oneself is the only answer.
// Another by-election? Why? //
he hasnt been convicted of anything
and so.... according to Naomi ( see previously)
he aint done narfin

this twisted logic has been used many times by the usual suspects to cover up Boris' more obvious failings

What do punters think Boris will say?
"out he goes! I can do anything but he can't!"
// Sobriety and keeping one's hands to oneself is the only answer.//

how true how true

perhaps not a precept to live by, but it will certainly keep you out of court
PP, your obsession is getting the better of you again.
Two questions spring to mind. 1 Will he be black balled by the Carlton Club?
2 would Tamworth go Lab or Lib if there was a by-election?
// is there possibly another by-election in the offing? //

having a skinful of booze and a wandering hand wouldn't of itself pass the test in the Recall of MPs Act, 2015. he's had the whip withdrawn, but again, so did Fiona Onasanya, she continued to sit in the house as an independent until called to chokey some weeks later.....
It's an unfortunate double-whammy of panto-eque proportions that his name is 'Pincher' and his role is the 'Assistant Chief Whip'.

Oo-er Missus indeed!!!
Question Author
//Another by-election? Why?You’re getting over-excited again. : o)//

Lol, you sound worried?
Have the recent events involving Tory MP’s escaped your attention?
Here’s a reminder.

//From Sky News.
Even the disgraced former MP isn’t happy over the double standards in his party.

'Come on, let's be fair': Tory sacked for watching porn in parliament furious over failure to sack MP for 'drunken groping'
Former Tory MP Neil Parish, who quit in May after being caught watching porn in parliament, has been speaking and he is not happy - accusing the party of "double standards".
When his case unfolded, Mr Parish had the Tory whip withdrawn relatively quickly after his misconduct came to light.//

He has a point, doesn’t he?
We won’t even mention Khan.
Hope that gets you up to speed, you’re obviously sadly lacking, again.
Question Author
But I’m flattered that you’re still stalking me despite your assurance recently that you supposedly have given up reading my threads and posts.
Fatticusinch, You’ve got the wrong end of the stick. You amuse me. :o)
well done fatticus
I dont ( amuse her)

now suspended. why - the usual suspects whine?
he aint done narfin!

reminds me of Nigel Evans in 2014- cant MPs keep their hands er in their pockets?
Question Author
Lol, if you say so.
Thanks again though.
PP, I’ve seen no one whining…. and you’re right. You don’t amuse me.
Question Author
So now he’s officially suspended from the Tory party I reckon he’ll spend the weekend ‘considering his position’.
You sweating over the possibility of another record breaking and humiliating defeat again eh Naomi? Lol
This bum Pincher apparently has 'form'. In 2017 he resigned from a position in the Whips Office after allegations of inappropriate behaviour were aired.
Question Author
You’ll have to forgive Naomi, PP.
She has a propensity for confusing facts with whining, especially when the whining is coming from ToryBoy Shoutypants.
He's changing his name to either Ivor Whip or Richard Head
Question Author
I pointed that out on another thread.
The Tory fanboys and girls failed to respond then too.

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