Everything You Wanted To Know About The Sovereign Grant ?

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Canary42 | 11:19 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | News
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An interesting article here about the Sovereign Grant

As it is only costing me 77p, I'm not getting unduly fussed about it (even though it was only 65p 5 years ago), but it's something to think about in the Country's current straitened circumstances.

Aren't its terms (i.e. the Sovereign Grant) a bit anachronistic in these modern times. I'm happy that HMQ justifies it, but have misgivings about HRH Prince Charles inheriting it in the future.


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Why can't they get up to date - next kings - Charles/William/George.

Why not Kevin/Adrian/Winston ?

Damn savages...
// misgivings about HRH Prince Charles inheriting it in the future. //

at this time, no party with a credible chance of success at the ballot box is campaigning on the republican ticket. even if there was, it would require the electorate to vote for them on that ticket. even if that were to happen at the next election, it could take years to dismantle the constitutional monarchy system under which the UK operates.

The point being, Charles will be king, and he will inherit the sovereign grant. how could it be otherwise? on accession he will be Head of State, and couldn't really be expected to host affairs of state from a semi in Staines, could he?
The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.
I'm glad folk are not fussed about 77p; so now if you could all send me just 77p on a regular basis, that would be fair.
Dave bro - get cool baby
Princess Shazza -

Sov gr - replaced Civil List George III 's time because it was fixed at the time of accession, and inflation eroded it severely in the early seventies - o god come on, one of you double-digiters must remember!

damned savages, Prince wills was served up to the West Indians
and we are lucky he didnt end up as Prince Jumbalaya (actually they sent him back)
In the name of Joseph, Mary, Jesus and the wee donkey, just how much money does this family need?
I think a sovereign would be plenty, maggiebee
I think they are a good investment. Just look how many people came to London just for the Queens 70th Jubilee alone. That must have bought a mountain of funds into the Uk.
The problem with the 77p figure is that it is every man woman and child. Divi it up amongst net tax payers and the sum is quite a bit more. Selective stats at play here.

And anyway its a ridiculous thing to use. any figure multiplied by the 80 million in the UK is a huge sum to one family. And its nonsense to claim visitors come here to see them and so generate income. No they dont, how many actually have even seen a minor royal? They come for the buildings etc all of which would still be here if we got shot of the sponging parasites.
/That must have bought a mountain of funds into the Uk./

The Government (tax payer) coughed up £1Bn on top of that the loss to business is circa 2.1Bn for the holiday.

Have to be a lot of people to cover that.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About The Sovereign Grant ?

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