Boris And China

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needawin | 11:12 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | News
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Boris on t.v. this morning criticising China over Hong Kong.
Says they are guilty of breaking an International Agreement. You couldn't make it up.


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Oh God, he's starting on China now. ;-(
NI isn't Hong Kong.
//You couldn't make it up. //

I'm sure some people will - given the opportunity.
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Matters little whether is NI or H K. It's an agreement
Wifwaf’s coming home.
whiff-whaff‘s coming home.
So he should start on China. Their reputation is appalling. Check out the genocide and the lockdown of cities.

As for comparing with NI, there is no real comparison. The NI protocol is clearly flawed and causing internal troubles to the UK. We have tried to get the vital fixes in place but all the EU does is fiddle around the edges. Whereas the agreement China made should cause them no issues, but they just ignore it because they are one of the world's tyrannies, and insist on total control over the citizens whether it's in the citizens' interest or not.
Well said, OG.
Another important distinction is that the NI Protocol has within it a "break clause" which allows for it to be suspended if it is causing difficulties. The EU itself was on the point of implementing "Article 16" when it believed it would be deprived Covid vaccines. The Protocol was also signed by the UK on the understanding that it would be implemented sensibly with the sole aim of protecting the EU's Single Market from contamination by goods entering Ireland from the north. (As an aside, quite why the UK believed this would happen is somewhat mysterious, but there we are).

Around 0.5% of all goods entering the EU do so across the Irish border. But almost 20% of all EU customs checks made by the EU are on goods entering Northern Ireland, carried out on the pseudo border that has been created within the UK. This is clearly unsustainable and it is obvious that the EU is not operating the agreement in Good Faith. It needs to be abandoned.

As far as China goes, it was obvious that Hong Kong would be subsumed into the greater China after 1999. The only thing that has surprised me is that it has taken so long. The idea that HK will somehow be permitted to carry on as a relatively libertarian zone within authoritarian China was fanciful and the people there were badly misled.
// Matters little whether is NI or H K. It's an agreement//
o god - or as Naomi often quips, oh Gawd...
ABers come out with some shiny ( but tawdry) one liners

fr'instance - its an agreement with Putin - - erm ya - er I saw his lips move, probably lying

and so we see the circumstances DO reflect on the significance.

NI I am sure that everyone wants the good friday agreement ( er not treaty) to persist and be honoured

the lying has re-started on Hong Kong
Didja hear President Xi - "true democracy has returned to Hong Kong."- well that is how he sees it

and the special autonomous area lie comes out again ( Patten now Lord) - it isnt. it doesnt have its own laws. ( a thousand ABers shout Foo!)
It is a special economic area - one area two systems. - It is I think the only special economic area in china....
( look it up- a thousand more ABers scream foo ! foo! )

and Patten ( now Lord, then Fat pang the governor) allowed everyone to think he had negoatiated an autonomy when he hadnt.
He allowed the misunderstanding to persist as it would help him to get a done deal thro parliament

who said Boris was a damned liar? clearly he had predecessors

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Boris And China

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