I Hope More Of These Smugglers Are Arrested

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tiggerblue10 | 16:56 Thu 30th Jun 2022 | News
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They have no care whether the people they smuggle live or die crossing the Channel. They're only interested in money.


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I too hope more are arrested - but they don’t force anyone onto those boats. The passengers know what they’re paying for, they choose to go - and they choose to take their chances.
The French know the identity of every smuggler and turn a blind eye to the criminal purchase, supply, and filling of every boat. They had to arrest this one organisation after the deaths of 27 of their victims. How come they cannot "trace" the smugglers who are doing it day after day, year after year? I have often said that all they need to do is check the boats, motors, and equipment trail and it leads right to them.
They ‘can’t’ trace them because they don’t want to, Togo. Why would they?
France has a huge immigration problem of its own, particualrly in Paris thanks the Merkle.

One can understand why they see the channel crossings as a way to get shot of some.

It is up to us to arrest all the illegals, intern them in a prison like environment until we find who they are and if they are eligible for asylum. And if not they stay there or deported back to their homeland.

Although initially fairly expensive once word got round there was no free housing & money most would stop coming.

First stop, leave the ECHR and amend the HRA.
So the frogs only buck up when a tragedy happens! Damn savages...

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I Hope More Of These Smugglers Are Arrested

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