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yes - damn savage...
I agree save years of keep for the scumbag.
It is Madame La..... n'est-ce pas ?
Madame La Guillotine has recently self identified as a man.
^Sharp. ;o)
Absolute scum. His head should roll.
Don't like capital punishment. (hate Islamists)
If you're serious, wouldn't you worry about making a martyr of him?
No - would rather make a corpse of him.
Not at all Spice, he will already be considered that anyway.

Better to finish him off so he cant spread his vile garbage around the Jails and influence others. And save a few bob too.
With respect, Tora we have no right to impose our personal wishes on the French. This was their tragedy, all 130 lives lost, and now it is the turn of the French people to come to terms with the sentences.

Reading through the BBC coverage it is apparent that surviving victims and families of the slain victims have individual and very personal reactions to the sentences meted out.

After nearly 6 years following the atrocities they have endured 9 months of this trial and I can only hope that they can get some form of closure now and be able to grieve properly and start to rebuild their lives. I say it is nigh impossible to share their feelings, thank God.
Question Author
choux, un twist your alans it was a TIC remark.
In news, TTT?
How very dare you!

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Should Have Got Le Guillotine.....

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