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Ecclestone and his Formula 1 chums were very reluctant to cancel the Russian Grand Prix after the invasion. It believed the war would be brief and that it could be business as usual by the autumn. Forget the ethics, the race makes them £140Million, and they didn’t want to lose that. Unfortunately the drivers (including 3 world champions) cancelled it for...
09:39 Thu 30th Jun 2022
You're welcome.
Ecclescake was a northern delicacy long before it was the user name of a departed member.
Tora tends to ridicule people he doesn’t like by humorously altering their name. It is a fairly innocent pastime and no offence to AB users past or present is intended.
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I went off him when he gave Noo Layba £1m, hence forth known as "a Bernie"!
Further to my post at 9.55, he's also an anagram of "Erect nob scene? Lie!"

So my apologies to him :-)
Who really cares what the barmy one says, he should stay in Ibiza and zip it.
In a futher "sensible" move by Putin, ,as a "goodwill gesture" to Ukraine, russia has permanently abandoned Snake island!

Looks like the russian warship has indeed permanently gone forth to multiply.
They'd had missiles rained down on them for days, so sensible indeed.
That could be an important victory for Ukraine and merchant shipping.
... and hence ease the prospect of famine.
One can but hope

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Looks Like Bernie Ecclestone Has Gone Radio!

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