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Hymie | 19:14 Wed 29th Jun 2022 | News
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(and the honesty & integrity of our leaders)

£500 – Value of Ford Anglia accepted as a gift by trustees of Chequers in 1955, causing members of Anthony Eden’s government to fret that ‘gifts of this kind present difficulties’ over ethics.

£150,000 – Gift Boris & Carrie Johnson were perfectly happy to accept from donor to build a tree-house for their son at Chequers.

[Source: Private Eye Number Crunching]


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Am no fan of Boris but I'd of accepted it too
No one ‘offered’ though.
Johnson wanted it, the stumbling block would have been getting a Tory party grandee to pay for it.
He sucks up to people with money to pay for his stuff, just like he did with the flat and why he has wealthy Russian friends.
thank goodness someone can afford a house.
I hope Johnson's not around long enough to get any use out of it.
At £150,000 he could probably house all 7 of his offspring in there.
But do we know there are only 7, Fatticus?
Indeed. 7 is believed to be the ones the press know about.
Given his propensity for lying it’s a given that we’ll never know for sure.
He doesn't only have a propensity for lying, seemingly!
Given the drinking culture at No.10, I suspect it is for Boris and not his child. When Carrie kicks him out during another drunken domestic Argument, Boris can be banished to his off his tree house.
When he eventually moved on could he take it with him?

Or leave it for little Michael Gove as a place for him to do homework.
High - me!
Hi Hymie - too few details I am afraid. Thing is trusts ( not trust! hur hur hur). Anglia ( cant be used by the PM, surely, he was a RR man) was in trust ( title owners of Chequers) and for the use of... ( Chequers workers surely)
so, too few details there

£150k - I thought he had turned it down in fact
and..... there was a question of trusts ( not trust ! hur hur hur) . He found a donor, and the donor was gonna pay the lu-lu to the title of holders of No 10 ( not the PM, he is likely to be the licensee and not a tenant) and for the use of his dear kids ( all 7 of them - dirty little sad, he shouldda kept his trousers arn! ( thx to Judge Judy)

Use of blind trusts is usual here. Pres of United States is given stuff and has to hand over anything over $250 which I think he can buy at the end of his tenure at market value. Clearly stuff still pours in and a trust will be used ( title held by state dept but clearly used by the president)
and I thought the tree house is no more - never was
and is a refuge in the sky ( only)
When he eventually moved on could he take it with him?

that wd be at the discretion of the trustees - see above

tree doo-dah is bespoke innit - - fits THAT tree
So the tree would have to go too ?
Complications, complications.
Don’t know how I did that ?

In my post at 22:33, sandyRoe’s name is a link. And it goes to a 6 year old thread he posted in 2016.
Thats an interesting one Gromit.
^ it’s done it again. AB must have some code on site to enable that to happened :-)
It does. It's because he did that trek and people followed his progress.
The Anglia was presented to the rustees.

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