How Times Have Changed

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Hymie | 19:14 Wed 29th Jun 2022 | News
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(and the honesty & integrity of our leaders)

£500 – Value of Ford Anglia accepted as a gift by trustees of Chequers in 1955, causing members of Anthony Eden’s government to fret that ‘gifts of this kind present difficulties’ over ethics.

£150,000 – Gift Boris & Carrie Johnson were perfectly happy to accept from donor to build a tree-house for their son at Chequers.

[Source: Private Eye Number Crunching]


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Yep. Times do change.

That's inflation for you.
Better start an investigation into arbor domus gate! PMSL!
Boris’ Out of his tree house ;-)

Pass me the corkscrew Carrie!
That link led to a post of mine, some 6 years ago, that showed the goodwill and affection that many ABers have for each others.
It's worth a read if you have time.

A nice thing they did there.
I was just surprised when it did in in my post.
It's a miracle.
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My employer’s anti-bribery policy requires me to declare any gifts I receive above the value of £25 (€30); my manager would then give approval for the gift (or not), and may elevate it within the company for a decision.

I very much doubt my employer would permit me to receive a gift of £150,000. But it is interesting that a large percentage of ABers see nothing wrong in receiving such a gift (clearly their morals are closely aligned with those of Boris).

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How Times Have Changed

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