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good, I guess. Eighty years ago would have been more satisfying.
22:39 Tue 28th Jun 2022
good, I guess. Eighty years ago would have been more satisfying.
I agree with jno. Shame it wasn't when he was much younger. It seems somewhat hollow jailing him at his age.
Question Author
I just hope that he has a terrible time in jail. Imagine what his victims went through.
Not keen
Even the sixties was a bit late for convictions
Now is far too late for oral testimony

see any documentary about Ivan Demjanjuk
In then end, the prosecution was reduced to saying - "OK we havent shown any of the indictment, but we KNOW he was a very bad man" - judges threw the indictment out
It'll all be over soon enough though.
Question Author
But Demjanjuk was guilty, albeit cleared of original charges and then convicted of others.
He should not have been allowed to cover his face.
Never too late.
Good. Justice for his victims at last.
// Demjanjuk was guilty, albeit cleared of original charges //
erm yeah OK, I am in nice guy mode today
so guilty and not guilty at the same time....

second batch - failing to pick up chewing gum?
He was certainly indicted for lying on his immigration form and stripped of citizenship

and I will plead bad memory - the main point I am making, that it is far too long ago for oral testimony is that I thought M. Verges was involved - but it was other war crimes he got involved in

M Verges ( very complicated point, but what the hell) ran the to quoque defence ( That is more Latin for kai su Brute!) - Which Goering ran unsuccessfully ( 'me war crimes? look what the allies were doing in Japan!" )

defended Butcher of Lyon ( battery acid into mens bladders)
// Never too late.//
yes too late - turn your brayne on YMF

Justice as Lord hewart said so wisely in 1924 needs to be seen to be done. - - Justice delayed is justice stayed.

Cases this far from the event inevitably involve memory loss

Demjanjuk - One Witness (A)eloquently described how D ( the defendant that is!) made someone crawl into a furnace alive.

then later in the case A was confronted with a film of 1946 where A says he killed Ivan the terrible with his bare hands....
and A says. - yeah but that was someone different !

Defence says - - noooooo - - you said it was the defendant

The case survives that....

It also survives ( just ) this pass ( yeah) the photo has clip holes where the paper hasnt
( yeah so what)
Defence: it shows the photo has been recycled and we say its first use is innocent and this pass is a forgery....

Case limps on, and is abandoned soon ( like a few weeks) after
The last people into the gas chambers should have been the guards who were captured when the death camps were overrun.
//yes too late - turn your brayne on YMF//

Mine is functioning perfectly thank you, unlike yours that spews gibberish and insults at all and sundry.

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