What A Sad Little Life

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Canary42 | 13:58 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | News
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Some folk certainly get a raw deal in life, yet remain cheerful and upbeat. Perhaps those of us who have more luck should count our blessings more often.

RIP Jasmine


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very true.

When media put plugs for the Samaritans at the end of a story it usually implies the person committed suicide, though the story doesn't actually say so.
The cause of death is not yet known, there is to be a post mortem. I think there is a link to Samaritan's because Jasmine's mental health problems were referred to in the article
the US number given is the Suicide Prevention Hotline, though.

I don't know either way. It's just that this odd practice happens a lot in the papers: we can't say what X died of but here's Samaritans' number.

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What A Sad Little Life

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