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dopey mare.
Why does a judge just sentence her to jail for all offences together. Bankruptcy driving and this one. Then at least she might be off the front pages for a while and her children could have a more normal life with their fathers
As nothing happens other than restraining orders, she still thinks she can get away with increasingly bad behaviour. She's certainly not giving a thought to the effect on her kids.
She deserves a spell in an HMP hotel. We all see it, the media all see it, any law abiding individual anywhere sees it. Why cannot the courts do what is right. They have the evidence, the previous offences and convictions, but she still walks away smirking - AT US. God I despair.
I feel so sorry for her children. She’s been parading them in the media for years .
She's not well
Until she gets some bird, no she wont learn.
She would probably welcome a spell in gaol - great material for a new reality show & book!
She did say somewhere that if she went to prison, she would write a book about it. Can’t she just crawl under a stone and stay there?
She would probably get off with a warder or two.
I expect the ghost writer is preparing the manuscript for the book now.
I really don't know how she gets away with all her crimes, the bankruptcy, her car crashes. She seems to be one hell of a lucky woman.

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