If Its Not A Crime Why Are Plod Interested Let Alone Opening Files?

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youngmafbog | 14:08 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | News
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This is just not right. Either something is a crime or it is not and if its a crime then a Court should be involved where the accused is able to appeal.

Opening a file for a non crime that could affect security searches without any appeal process is simply unacceptable. We do not live in a Police State yet even if some constabularies would like to think we do.

The Home Secretary needs to stamp this out now.


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It's all part of the Tory drift to a Police State.
The Manifesto Club seem an odd collective. I cannot work them out ?
What the hell is a hate crime anyway? A crime is a crime whatever the motive, it should be as simple as that. In a free country, anybody should be allowed to hate another person for whatever bizarre reason they see fit as long as they don't break the law as a result.

The home secretary couldn't stamp out a smouldering dog-end unaided.
dave, you can hate anyone you choose, for any reason.
Like most institutions in this country, the police have been infested by faux lefty degenerates.
Can't be anyone left that hasn't noticed the political bias with which they dish out 'justice'.
Normal people despair.
from the article
the Court of Appeal found the guidance also breached his freedom of expression rights, forcing the College of Policing to review its guidance to add in more safeguards for freedom of speech.

you're frothing a bit:

PNC has a lot of info not related to crime
this is not news
// In a free country, anybody should be allowed to hate another person for whatever reason as long as they don't break the law as a result.//

and when they do_ it is called a hate crime durrr....
hang on - is it a 'non-hate crime incident' as in the intro or a 'non-crime hate incident' as in the second paragraph? You can't just shuffle words around like this and expect them to mean the same.
It's a "non-crime hate incident" and the way the police have been recording such stuff is an utter disgrace. They have been told by the Appeal Court that their procedure is unlawful but still they persist.

This particular incident involved one child calling another names. The police should concentrate on preventing and detecting crimes. However, they don't seem particularly successful at that so it seems they've unilaterally revised their remit so that they can remain occupied.
You'd think the police would have enough on their plate just concentrating on crime.

If they have to worry about non-crime as well, resources are going to be stretched.
pretty stretched already

//Leicestershire police 'ignore' attempted burglaries at odd-numbered houses//

I had to check the date on that link to check it wasn’t April 1st. It was 7 years ago and was just a pilot scheme. Let’s hope it wasn’t rolled out county or country wide.
So it is now illegal to hate then?
// The College of Policing defines non-crime hate incidents as those “perceived by the victim or any others to be motivated by hostility or prejudice”.

Around 10,000 such incidents are recorded every year. //

What is the point? Recording it does what precisely? Name calling though not nice is harmless. Getting a police record for calling another boy ‘shorty’ is ridiculous. The police have been told the practice is illegal, but ignore the law and do it anyway.
If only we had a Home Secretary that wasn’t a stupid moron.
//So it is now illegal to hate then?//

Err no, it's illegal to do anything criminal because of it.
Question Author
//PNC has a lot of info not related to crime//

No it doesnt, well not on a person anyway.
Question Author
//So it is now illegal to hate then?//

No, but you will get a Police record anyway.
But isn't this typical of things just now? Especially with
so-called racism. Most, if not all of these things are just name-calling which are then exaggerated and turned into something that doesn't exist.

When I was at school, if we went to a teacher and complained that someone was bullying, the teacher would tell you to stop bothering about it and go and stick up for yourself.

We now live in a cotton wool culture where everyone must not be exposed to anything. At all.
Prime example of 'woke' insanity.

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If Its Not A Crime Why Are Plod Interested Let Alone Opening Files?

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