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Colonel Blimpski?
He's more than 20 st, surely!
Looks like he doesn't take prisoners - he eats 'em.
They might use him as a roadblock.
"General Pavel has let himself go considerably since his retirement..." And some:-/
//General Pavel likes to eat five meals a day and wash it down with a litre of vodka//

Could easily pass for a British politician.
Question Author
Cyril Smith maybe but I dont think many others are that size.

And, as far as I am aware, none of them in any party swigs vodka like that. Mind you the lefty Russian loving RMT leaders may.
Indeed, Fatti, John Prescott springs to mind.
Question Author
2 Jabs was nowhere near this blokes size.
//Indeed, Fatti, John Prescott springs to mind.//

….and the rest! Been plenty of scrappers and gorgers in those subsidised bars in Westminster.
// 2 Jabs was nowhere near this blokes size.//

2 Jags brother wasn’t far off. Horrible man.(the brother).
Having given it some thought, this could be quite a ploy by Putin. The General could march through Ukraine (well i say 'march', would probably be more of a shuffle) and at least one tank and a dozen or so men could be hiding behind him Surprise, surprise!
I was under the impression that over 40 Russian generals had been killed not 14.
Maybe Ick can clarify.
They're probably running out.
About 15 gromit I think

I had great fun on Twitter yesterday reading about and commenting on this.
“He could have sunk the Moskva on his own”
“I’ve heard they’ve been blowing up generals but not like that”
“Has he eaten Ian Blackford?”
But for all that:
General Pavel
Fat Moskali ***
is my favourite
It might take more than one tractor to tow him away

And so on …
blimey. General Weeble.

i wonder if he wobbles, or falls down?

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Well Here's A Target And A Half For The Ukrainians

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