Levelling Up Cost Way Off The Mark

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FatticusInch | 09:07 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | News
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So the biggest lie since ‘the cheque is in the post’ is going to cost billions more than the government thought?
Who knew?


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So many blue sky thinkers have their head in the clouds.

Or somewhere dark and smelly.
Who knew a left wing think tank would produce a report criticizing a nominally conservative government?
Who knew the aBBC would present such a speculative, lefty report as facts from independent analysts?
Who knew that AB's faux left intelligentsia would believe anything aired on the aBBC and use it as a cudgel to further batter the already reeling but insanely loyal pair of AB Tory supporters.
Let the games begin.
Ah well, that’s that idea up the spout so let’s not bother. Got your cloth cap out of mothballs, failtticusinch?
Why were he not wearing it or nervously wringing it in hands as high ups went by?
Ah yes, the Resoloution Foundation, run by one Torsten Bell former Director of Policy for the Labour Party. Mmm.
Must be ok judging by the reactions of the tyep of people objecting.
Because there are no original thinkers, Fatticus.
Here comes Gulliver. He'll sort it out.
And which way do their respective leaders vote, Fatti?
Question Author
//And which way do their respective leaders vote, Fatti?//

No idea. Do you attend the polling booth with all of them?
You tell me, you’ve obviously got insider knowledge.
I just thought you might want to check after making a bit of a tit of yourself with the first link.
Question Author
From the Guardian link.
/In a stark analysis shared with the Guardian, the non-partisan research group said England’s biggest cities, including Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, have the lowest productivity and life expectancy in western Europe./

You tell me which way their employees vote Zaccy boy, I’m intrigued to know how you know?
Question Author
//I just thought you might want to check after making a bit of a tit of yourself with the first link.//
Lol, really? Just because a think tank concurs with what others before them have said? They’re just quibbling over the figures but whatever they are they’re obviously astronomical in comparison to what we’ve been told.
Or do you blindly believe everything the current government tell you?
Actually, don’t answer that, you’ve made it obvious.
As I said, I thought you might like to check because the leader of the organisation in your first link, which you hoped would show the conservatives in a bad light, is a former Labour Party director of policy. Do you think a former Labour Party director of policy might have a bit of an axe to grind?

In addition, the other organisations also have an axe to grind in that, it is in their interest to exaggerate the plight of the causes they are designed to support.

Nice try in denigrating the Conservatives, Fatti, but this one back fired (rather amusingly too).
All similar schemes have failed because there was not sufficient funds to make them into reality.

Remember the laughable ‘Northern Powerhouse’ aimed at closing the north/south divide? It died a slow death starved of money.

As with all these grand schemes, they are just catchy slogans that are meaningless if there is no money to make them work.

And ‘Levelling up’ is exactly the same, political posturing, while the treasury won’t release the dosh.

How many times are you going to fall for the same con ?
Question Author
Lol, if I was looking to denigrate Conservatives I’d have posted this.

So what was the objective of your OP?
Question Author
Wasting your time Gromit, Zaccy boy is a Johnson fanboy, his words and those of his ministers are gospel to him.
Question Author
//So what was the objective of your OP?//

Reiterating that ‘Levelling Up’ is just another soundbite from a failing government.
Bit over your head I guess?
I didn’t vote Conservative at the last GE, fatti. I’m no Boris fanboy either. I’m merely pointing out the schoolboy error in your latest attempt to rubbish the Cons.

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Levelling Up Cost Way Off The Mark

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