Kyic Centre Struck With 14 Missiles

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ichkeria | 09:31 Sun 26th Jun 2022 | News
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One person so far confirmed dead - his family oulked from the wreckage.
A message to the G7?
Retaliation for the attacks on occupying forces now happening with long range rockets?
Proxy attack on Lithuania as they wouldn’t dare sttwck the actual country.
Does russia actually WANT to be officially labelled a terrorist state?


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Two more …
The man is mad & has surrounded himself by madmen. This is gesture warfare of no particular contribution to the ongoing battles to the south & east.

It demonstrates to me that Putin, (like Hitler did at the end of WW2) is micro-managing the war. He has no military background & sees brutality & destruction as his only weapons.
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Yes I think that’s astute of you khandro: apparently Putin beetled back to the Kremlin last night - suggests he’s closely involved.
The worrying thing is these attacks are coming from Belarus, as did the ones the previous night. Bombers and air to ground missiles.
Apparently Russia tho is moving stacks of ammunition by train out of Belarus possibly to replace outdated stuff used up by the forces of the DNR and LNR which have taken a real hammering
My bet is this is a revenge attack and not to do with the G7 at all but who knows

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Kyic Centre Struck With 14 Missiles

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