Those Sunlit Uplands Analysed

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Canary42 | 08:13 Sun 26th Jun 2022 | News
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We're out. Shame but that was peoples' choice
Let's move on not look back.
some people can't get over the fact they lost.
Some people are thrawn.
once again the gullivistas ignore the crises.
The- Tory -Twerp........Rears it's ugly head again .....
It’s quite understandable that people who were deceived by these con artists find it difficult to accept. Nevertheless, the truth is beginning to show through the smokescreen of lies. JRM has changed tack from talking about the economic benefits to concentrating on the ‘democratic’ benefits. Just more smoke and mirrors with a dash of snake oil, IMHO. (I wonder if we’ll ever know just how many millions he and his hedge fund mates made out of Brexit?)

Someone is going to have sort out this mess, but I doubt if I’ll see it in the few years I have left.
Amazing how they always find these people with leavers remorse.
better import some more sour grapes!
Exactly what I thought, spice. Perhaps the Guardian advertises.
I remember at the time that the sky would fall in on us immediately if we were stupid enough to vote leave.
Just like the eco looneys they have to keep revising their forecasts of doom.
Up here in Scotland a bigger percentage of SNP voters voted for Brexit.(SNP voters-29%,Scottish Tory voters-27%,Scottish Labour voters-19%).Funny you dont hear many of the SNPers on here trumpeting the fact that up here in Scotland the SNP was the major Brexiteer party!
There are few so blind as those who don’t wish to see.

The leaver die-hards here seem to come into this category.
WE are doing quite nicely given the global circumstances after the "pandemic" and now the Russian action in Ukraine. Meanwile as France gets ready to implode and Italy's debt crisis causes panic in Brussels Germany warns that they are in deep trouble. Oh yes indeed we are well out of the ponzi scheme. It was always going to collapse, they all do, the question was when. When turns out to be "when they can no longer send us the bill for everything".

//Germany is facing a “Lehman Brothers” collapse in its energy market that could spark a domino effect leading to a severe recession should the gas-addicted economic powerhouse of the European Union be fully cut off from Russian energy supplies.
Economy Minister and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck said on Friday that Europe’s largest economy could be forced to shut down certain industries should gas supplies run think by the winter.
“Companies would have to stop production, lay off their workers, supply chains would collapse, people would go into debt to pay their heating bills, that people would become poorer,” he said according to DW.
The Green Party politician warned that there could be “a kind of Lehman-Brothers effect in the energy market,” spreading through municipal utilities, industrial and commercial companies, “And then you have a domino effect that would lead to a severe recession.”//
But we don't really hear much from the SNP at all these days as they firefight the seemingly endless disasters and scandals with who knows what still to emerge.

The Observer will always take the negativity line, 3 writers to write that feeble piece what a waste of money.
Don’t confuse them with reasoned argument, Togo. It’s not something they do.
I know Naomi ... I just like to think that I make them sob with frustration now and then. :))
satprof: "There are few so blind as those who don’t wish to see. " - indeed, the remoaners refuse to acknowledge that the primary reason for leaving was sovereignty, not economics. So they keep basing on about irrelevancies. We knew there would be economic changes but reclaiming our own country was considered the primary objective. So yes Satprof there are none so blind as those that will not see.
Togs, 09:28, BA right there.

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Those Sunlit Uplands Analysed

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