Ceuta And Melilla Ver Gibraltar

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DTCwordfan | 19:30 Sat 25th Jun 2022 | News
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Ceuta and Melilla are two of the most important Spanish-controlled enclaves in Northern Morocco following the end of “Reconquista”. Melilla was the first to fall under Spanish rule in 1497, and Ceuta, which had been seized by Portugal in 1415, was transferred to Spain under the Treaty of Lisbon in 1668.

Gibraltar came to us in 1704 when we took it with the with the Dutch in the War of Spanish Succession and then confirmed that it was British by the Treaty of Utrecht in 7013.

Aren't the Spanish being hypocritical by occupying Moroccan cities when criticising us???

Aren't they now getting poetic justice for the reaction of African potential immigrants thinking that Melilla is a de facto Spanish Calais-UK?

Then layer on top of this all the issues between Algeria and Morocco on a number of political fronts like who should own the WeStern Sahara and this having resulted in the Algies cutting off the Natural Gas supply line that runs down the Moroccan coast to cross over to spain - and don't we in Europe have yet another 'conflict hotspot' developing?!!


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Ah, there speaks the Foreign Office focal point for Spanish affairs!
I've always wondered how the Spanish can argue over Gibraltar
when then have two Spanish enclaves, with one only a few mile away from Gibraltar.
-- answer removed --
Oh I know focal when I see it, and I see it right now.
Yes they are hypocritical and yes TCL is correct.

They can’t whine about Gib when they have similar outposts.

I went to Gib in 2019, and other than the weather, it’s as British as Tunbridge Wells.
Have you been to Tunbridge Wells lately?
I live in TW NJ.
7013 ?
“I went to Gib in 2019, and other than the weather, it’s as British as Tunbridge Wells”

Well it’s not really.
It’s a very strange place: plainly nothing like England but with all the English icons …
//I live in TW NJ.//

And I don't live very far away, and visit from time to time. TW is no longer what I would call "British", but then there are not too many places in Britain which are :-)
Maybe Brit-ish would be better?

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Ceuta And Melilla Ver Gibraltar

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