Refugees Welcome Eh?

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webbo3 | 13:47 Sat 25th Jun 2022 | News
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they will soon be at Calais and then in a dingy, still we need doctors and architects.

\\Deaths occurred during attempted mass crossing into Spanish North African enclave by some 2,000 migrants, officials say.//

2,000, yes 2,000


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Yes, Webbo. Better than the dummies who were protesting against a free speech rally. When asked why they were there. Some of them looked at the (socialist worker) banners they'd been given for a clue. Some admitted they just got a Facebook message to turn up. None of them had a clue why they were there, thick sheep.
17:26 Sat 25th Jun 2022
How do you know doctors and architects were among the 2000?
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The left keep telling us.
13.50 How do you know Doctors and Architects were not among the 2.000 Zacs ?
It seems……unlikely, Gulli. Don’t you think.
what Britain needs is people desperate enough to work all hours in the low-paid jobs that true Brits turn up their noses at.

Immigration seems like the only way to get them.

///I’m going to get myself into a lot of trouble for saying this, but Brits do not on the whole like working unsocial hours, including evenings and weekends. Even with big increases in wages, it is therefore proving hard to get the locals to fill the positions.

This cultural aversion to anything outside normal working hours is almost unique to Britain, as is the often accompanying snobbery around working in service, care and other supposedly low skilled forms of employment. You don’t see it in France, Italy or Spain, and you certainly don’t see it in the United States.///
They won't be refugees by the time they reach Calais; even assuming they might be now, which isn't likely.
I thought this was going to be the guy with a clipboard at a Refugees Welcome march. He asked members, from the usual collection of drips that attend these things, to sign up for taking in a refugee.
Lol, not likely.
Pay the rate that attracts, along with decent working conditions, and you'll get applicants without importing low wage labour from outside the nation.

As for other countries, chances are their citizens can't afford to be too fussy. The more society looks after it's own the fewer feel a need to have to take up unattractive jobs.

I think at least part if the reluctance to do outside rural work is that it's physically hard and few are used to that, and fewer want to go through 'hell' trying to get used to it.
I mean this with all my heart - what's the difference in helping these refugees and helping Ukrainians. Like I genuinely don't understand.
that's what the story I linked to suggests, OG. However it points out that the pay will have to be very high to get Brits harvesting spuds, which means the price of spuds will be very high. Unfortunately people seem to prefer high pay and low prices, which is hard to arrange.

One way to arrange it is to employ immigrants who don't have much choice.
Can't find enthusiasm to read through the article jj, but is Morocco an unsafe country abusing these individuals ? If not then they won't have a right to cross the border without permission. In the Ukraine there is a war on so there is a right to flee to neighbouring countries, or wherever else they are welcomed, for humanitarian reasons.
Either folk are willing to pay the going rate for the produce, or the government makes a case for subsidy due to the national interest, or the present farmers accept that they don't have a valid economic proposition and try something else instead of main crop production.

The market decides the price unless someone tries to shortcut the market by paying less than the true market wage to immigrant workers.
do the jobs no one will erm, they still need housing, and will use public services, tax credits, child benefit, schools, doctors dentists, any benefit will be lost giant ponzi scheme, oh and a pension in old age and or care home, lets not forget the right to bring family over...
@JJ 14:47

Ukrainians are invited in, whereas the gimmegrants who come across on rubber boats do so illegally.
18 died so you don’t need to bother about them and the rest are a long way from Calais.
Doctors and architects?
And why would standing on the left help you to tell someone’s profession?

"One way to arrange it is to employ immigrants who don't have much choice. "

Assuming of course that they're coming over to work.
There's a high possibility of a detailed and lengthy reply to your question, jennyjoan, stick around a while.
Thank goodness Ukrainians are white Christians.
That was aother of Putin’s misjudgments.
So he’s trying again with famine in Africa …
of course they want to work, Blubster. If they just wanted benefits they'd be better off in France or Spain
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jennyjoan @14:47
\\I mean this with all my heart - what's the difference in helping these refugees and helping Ukrainians. Like I genuinely don't understand.//

Have you seen the video, tell me you would want these camping or staying where you live..

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