The Supreme Court Is On A Roll

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pastafreak | 12:33 Sat 25th Jun 2022 | News
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Upholding the right to carry guns in public. For every step forward...see tiggers thread...there's another backwards one.


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I thought it was already allowed to carry guns in public as long as they are not concealed (permit for that).
"the Supreme Court justices quashed a New York state law - in place since 1913 - that required people to show a particular need in order to get a licence to carry a concealed gun in public."

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Yes, but I gather it was challenged in NY state as the laws there were more specific

//In New York, "proper cause" has to be shown when applying for an unrestricted concealed-carry licence. This includes showing an actual, rather than a speculative, need for self-defence.//
//The decision is expected to allow more people to legally carry firearms in some of America's biggest cities - such as LA, New York and Boston - and is the court's first major decision on gun rights in more than a decade.//
Let the games begin.
Very backward, Pasta, and so are the laws on abortion.
The lunatics have taken over the asylum

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The Supreme Court Is On A Roll

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