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gulliver1 | 11:13 Sat 25th Jun 2022 | News
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A Senior Psychologist has claimed Boris Johnson thinks he has a sense of Entitlement, and that could explain why he faces disaster after disaster and is not up to the job.People who have this sense of Entitlement feel that they are allowed to act and do as they wish.They also have a fear of not having enough admiration resources or support.
........Oh dear Boris that just about sums you up.......


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Oh dear - one gets weary of responding to this eejit.

Yes I agree - Boris & many others in the upper echelons of our society have a sense of entitlement. Not least the royal family?
If this psychologist hasnt met, spoken to and formally assessed BJ, why should anyone pay attention to her thoughts, any more than say yours ot TTTs?
The "sense of entitlement" is drummed into all Public School pupils.

"You were born to run the Country" etc etc etc.
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11.20 You can always join a ..
"what are you having for dinner today post" Davebro.
It is not compulsory to post on my threads ..Ok
good luck finding an old etonian that doesn't have a sense of entitlement . . .
jeez gully - you don't even like it when I agree with you! No pleasing some folks.
I’ve often thought that many psychologists would benefit greatly from a few sessions themselves.
Yes I read such theories about BJ some - long - while back.
Still, you’ve learned a new word.
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11.58 Ichkeria, Why is "Nice" a New word... eh! ???
Golly, gulli, you and Boris are so alike you could be twins! Every time you post on this site you also think you have a sense of entitlement and get all uppity whenever somebody disagrees with you. Also the fear of not having enough admiration is you to a T. Ever thought of becoming an MP rather than just being an ordinary chu-MP?
It would also explain why he’s not going to resign.
If I was selfish, I'd almost want a Labour government, real Labour that is just so people can be reminded of how things are under psuedo marxism. Bring back Corbynski and the Abacus! Then I could post an anti Government post 10 times a day! PMSL!
n. //I’ve often thought that many psychologists would benefit greatly from a few sessions themselves.//

I have a friend here who works in the health sector & specializes in dealing with lots of psychologists, - she says they're all nuts. :0)
I know several who work in that field, khandro. I concur with your friend.
Just doesn’t get it, does he?

It’s not that you stuffed up you clown, it’s that you’ve repeatedly lied about it!
That analysis seems just about right to me.
Amid reports of renewed backbench manoeuvring to oust him, Mr Johnson said: "Golden rule - rule number one of politics - focus on what we are doing, what we have been elected to do to help people take the country forward.

"Focus on what matters to everyone else, let's not talk about ourselves."

Lol, says the moron who when asked about the old lady travelling the bus to stay warm
“I introduced that”

….and which turned out to be factually incorrect anyway!
The party big cheeses will be planning his departure all over the weekend I imagine.
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The best thing Boris can for the UK is stay in Rwanda.
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Boris Dreams ,,,,,,,,,He want to Rwanda and whilst away in a far distant land he won the two by elections and returned to a Rapturous Welcome, with Tory folk waving flags and cheering as he was driven down the Mall to fanfare of trumpets in an open backed
(made in Britain).Land Rover) Then Carrie woke him.
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Just been watching Beth Rigby trying to talk to Boris in Rwanda .She can't get a word in edgeways as he keeps talking over her ,then she realises that the more she lets him talk , the more gobbledygook comes out of his mouth and makes himself look a bigger prat than the prat he is. Well done Beth.

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