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Boris Johnson says he expects people will "beat me up" after two by-election defeats - but insisted he was not worried about Conservative MPs plotting to replace him while he is abroad.

Lol, sounds similar to the football chairman’s infamous’vote of confidence’ in a manager…..just before they’re sacked.
The writing's on the wall I suspect
Question Author
//The writing's on the wall I suspect//

Not for the AB Borstriches!
It just seems to me that his position is increasingly unsurvivable
Even Michael Howard believes Boris should go.

He said that despite a majority of over 20,000 in his own constituency – it would be difficult to hold in a by-election.
Tick tock!
He needs Beating up, every single day, for about 10 hours.
This country is at a standstill untill he moves.
Everything ends. The new hope will soon become the new dope.
there is no new hope. Nobody's saying "Things will be better once X becomes prime minister."
His attitude here typifies the points I made yesterday in a couple of threads regarding his attitude. He’s clearly not minded to resign, so how will he be removed?
It's not his personality that people voted against. It's his lying and law breaking. Simples. The country doesn't want a leader like that. But as I've already said, I want him to stay because the longer he does so, the more unpopular the Tories will become.
Not with the strike action and union associations with Labour rearing their ugly heads, 10Cs.
It depends on the situation at the time. The rail strike didn't seem to have any effect on this result.
“Even Michael Howard…”

You’re saying ‘even’ as though Howard was a supporter of BJ.

I won’t be sorry to him go.
It does, I agree. Hence why Boris is trying to ride it out, again, in the hope that Labour will be tainted by the strike action and the Conservative’s standing will improve. We’ve got the BA Heathrow strikes coming up and a potential intensification of the rail strikes looming.
Even with those I can't see anything improving for Johnson. Unless he is instrumental in obtaining favourable outcomes. And I can't see that happening. He won't get involved. But then again, he might if it could save his skin.
Boris demonstrates the exact opposite of what to look for in a leader. That's why he should not be leader. Of course he himself doesn't understand that ... that's part of the problem with him.

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Johnson ‘Expects To Be Beaten Up’

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