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lankeela | 10:48 Thu 23rd Jun 2022 | News
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The Taliban are demanding assistance in the aftermath of the earthquake - yet they have probably killed more than the earthquake did. I notice from the news reports there seem to be no women to be seen - I wonder if they would accept help from women emergency workers or doctors.


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They think they are the best people to run the country & have killed thousands of Russian/Western & Afghan soldiers and civilians to prove it. I wouldn't send any aid in any form whatsoever, Damn savages...
There are female doctors in Afghanistan but as far as I'm aware they treat women only. If the Taliban adopt that approach to any aid workers that may be sent to help they're going to have a problem.
From the D. Telegraph the other day, a picture from the Taliban hang-out for druggies, - they don't sell all their smack;
Demanding or asking ?
They've asked for assistance and Britain has offered.

Would be odd were either of those facts were not the case.
Not sure what the relevance of "they've killed more ..." is
I'd imagine most of the victims aren't Taliban
They've approached the UN.

//The United Nations secretary general, António Guterres, said the global agency had “fully mobilised” to help, with UN officials confirming the deployment of health teams and supplies of medicine, food, trauma kits and emergency shelter to the quake zone.//

This country is offering help.
I certainly wouldn't give the Taliban a penny unless they were prepared to treat the women better and give them rights.
Horrific picture Khandro.
If you take the approach that the request for help should be ignored until the Taliban does this or that...then NO ONE gets help. Then all the people in villages that have been destroyed will be the ones to suffer. Is that right?
It's a catastrophe.

The unconditional offer to help is the correct one. I doubt very much the people actually suffering are the ones we had a beef with.
// Then all the people in villages that have been destroyed will be the ones to suffer. Is that right?//

I agree with Ladybirder
In fact I would kick Afghanistan out of the UN until the Taliban reform their policies towards women. Dunno why this hasn't already been done.
A bunch of cheeky bastrads.They murdered UN workers without mercy at one time,now they are asking for the UNs help.The UN should tell the Taliban to ask Mohammed for help.
the taliban were asking for money in the first report i read,but would it get to people who really need it???.supplies are better with people there to distribute it fairly
The assistance would be for the innocents caught up by the tragedy, rather than the taliban invader government. As long as it's assistance not donations, aiding recovery of victims should occur.
According to BBC 10pm news the Taliban have said the search for survivors is over. It seems rather soon. It only happened yesterday.
I really hope no 'financial' aid is sent to Afghanistan.... because, like everything that's sent to countries controlled by corrupt regimes, it won't reach its intended destination.
Why would they need money? Where would they spend it & on what?

Food, tents, medical supplies & blankets etc. are what is needed. Could they even be trusted to distribute such things? (see my picture 11:07 Thu. below)
What a cursed country!

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