Rwanda Flights: 2 From U K Will Definitely Go

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FatticusInch | 19:34 Wed 22nd Jun 2022 | News
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Wonder if it’s on the same plane though? It would make sense if they’re going there on official business.

I guess Johnson will leave his cabinet to firefight the fallout from 2 extremely important by elections? Better to face HRH than his own party.


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Wasting your time Gromit, when he’s getting eviscerated he conveniently forgets facts and reality.
He’s a bigger spinner than Mad Nad or the odious Chris Philip.
So far inside Johnson’s anatomy you can’t see his shoes. Lol
eviscerated PMSL! you Gullivistas have a sense of humour I'll give you that!
// PMSL! //

Your incontinence strikes again.

Apparently you are a very wealthy man, so seek urgent medical help now. See if ghey can help with your gambling addiction on the same perscription :~
Question Author
//eviscerated PMSL! you Gullivistas have a sense of humour I'll give you that!//

Lol, no questions answered, as per.
Btw, John Baron MP and Tobias Ellwood MP would be very upset to think that as fierce critics of Johnson you’d labelled them 5C lefties.
They’re decorated ex Servicemen who must be very disappointed at such an opinion from one of the ‘party’.
They’ve realised it’s actually you that’s the cause and at the heart of the impending implosion.
They pity you, Johnson laughs at you. What a diabolical state of affairs.
Rwanda must be Commonwealth members and worthy of a visit from BJ and PC,

After all, they play cricket, though I never saw any evidence of that from their Belgie heritage when I went there.

I quote though from 'female,' 'The first and only female cricketer to hold the Guinness World Record for the longest net session, she is none other than Cathia Uwamahoro. Cathia batted for 26 hours straight in the nets to set the record at Amahoro stadium in Rwanda. The Captain of the Rwanda Women’s National Cricket team, Cathia was eyeing to achieve this feat since a long time. 22 year old Cathia, with firm determination and courage is indeed a role model and has motivated women’s cricket around the World, specially in Rwanda, where Cricket is an emerging sport.'

She is looking forward to bowling grenades at both our beloved PM and PoW.
Sorry it was Robin Cook who resigned from the Labour Cabinet over Iraq, not Alister ;-)

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Rwanda Flights: 2 From U K Will Definitely Go

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