Lord Geidt Resigns

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FatticusInch | 20:01 Wed 15th Jun 2022 | News
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The PM’s Ethics Adviser has had enough it seems.

I guess Partygate and changing the ministerial code, along with the dodgy dealings over the flat refurb have led him to the end of his tether with Johnson, understandably so.
It’ll be weeks now for Johnson, not months.


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I’m predicting that both TTT and Naomi24 will receive peerages from Boris, based their undying support for him; as posted on this site.
Hymie, I'll let you know. ;o)
what would I do with another peerage?
The future with TTT as Boris’s ethics adviser:-

Boris: I want to announce in parliament that my government has reduced personal tax more than any other UK government, and that we have the lowest number ever of illegal immigrants arriving in the UK, and that our law and order policies have reduced crime to an all time low – the Office for National Statistics says that all the above are complete lies; what say you TTT?

TTT: They are not lies, they are just your beliefs, go ahead and announce them – and why not take out full page adverts in national newspapers announcing these achievements (only 5C and other low-life types would disagree with you).
Hymie, that’s a very odd post.
My prediction for the future.
Don’t you read any of TTT’s posts on this site?
I read most of them but inventing a little imaginary scenario where he’s talking to Boris is a weeeee bit…….strange.
A large percentage of TTT’s posts are closely aligned with my future prediction for his advice to Boris.

And as I had said - he is a shoe-in for the job.
I’ll leave you to your own devices, Hymie.

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Lord Geidt Resigns

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