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sanmac | 16:51 Sat 28th May 2022 | News
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I'm really surprised that the NRA hasn't, as yet anyway, latched onto this incident to "prove" their maxim that it only takes one good person with a gun to stop a bad person with a gun...Or something like that:


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...or something like that.
The much vaunted good guys with guns never seem to show up when they're needed to stop these massacres.

The NRA would of course see this as proof that there aren't enough of them, and therefore America needs more people to be carrying guns.

It won't change. These events will always be a fact of life in the USA.
// The much vaunted good guys with guns never seem to show up when they're needed to stop these massacres.//

nee-yaaaah ( slow no) apparently in the Land of the Free, incidents with guns ( a country where there are lots of them as we know) - they respond within 5 mins

it really does seem to be a mega-cack up - the phones were not relayed - shots were heard but not taken as the gun men shooting the kids....19 armed police waited outside and didnt go in
eventually did, against orders !
Governor preparing to throw his underlings and coolies under the bus...
The massacre was not the fault of the NRA. It was all down to "absent fathers, declining church attendance, social media and video games".

Well, that's how Ted Cruz sees it anyway:
Zelda has a lot to answer for.
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As far as the story goes, the woman was at the right place at the right time...Good for her.
It's ab odd story.

A guy opens fire with an AR-15 semi automatic weapon at a crowd and apparently hits nobody.

A woman then pulls out a weapon and shoots him several times, killing him.

It just seems odd. I would like to read a fuller report. Was anyone else injured? How close was the woman standing to the man? What was her weapon? How many shots did he fire? And so on ...
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Ellipsis, that's precisely why I said "As far as the story goes..."
The NRA don't need to make a fuss about this. It's already reached AB! Making a fuss might look a bit unsubtle, and even the NRA probably prefer not to be seen to be unsubtly cashing in.
I think the overriding and glaring comment would be that if the man with the AR15 was banned from owning one in the first place(why do US citizens need to own assault rifles anyway?) then the woman who shot him would not require the need to own a handgun anyway.
Australia has the answer.
After the Port Arthur massacre the need to own such weapons and similar was denied and strict legislation for hunting rifles became statute.
Australia has not had any mass shooting since.
register shock that - - - a massacre of 19 children has elicited ten comments
AB clearly has its er priorities right...

very great contrast to arena - Daly ( the doctor!) takes charge, and achieves a good result ( after the bomb went off)

murmurs of poor service which take two years and five years to sort out....activated by the firemen who get the blame

golden hour squandered in both ( = children left to bleed to death)

sounds of a governor throwing his underlings under a bus

just saying
oh the contrast - the good guys DID have guns....
and didnt use them

I found the contrast of the avoidable massacre and then reading out the pleading messages of the now dead children to the police
pretty horrific
Doubt America will change soon.
So many citizens view firearms as an undeniable right, a form of insurance/assurance and a necessity to every household.
> register shock that - - - a massacre of 19 children has elicited ten comments

There was at least one other thread ...
The NRA are a bunch of swivel eyed loons who won't be happy until every child is issued with a hand gun, uzi 9mm and rocket launcher at birth.
That TTT, is absolute garbage.

You bin on the pop today :-)
hyperbole me old china!
TBF though their default answer is always more guns.

But hey we must always agree according to many on here!
Many, maybe, but not all.

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